Jesus fulfils the covenant made to Abraham



Friday of the 12th Week in Ordinary Time
June 30, 2017

Today’s Readings:

Genesis 17:1, 9-10, 15-22
Ps 128:1-2, 3, 4-5
Matthew 8:1-4
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Then Abraham said to God,
“Let but Ishmael live on by your favour!”
God replied: “Nevertheless, your wife Sarah is to bear you a son,
and you shall call him Isaac.
I will maintain my covenant with him as an everlasting pact,
to be his God and the God of his descendants after him.
As for Ishmael, I am heeding you: I hereby bless him.
I will make him fertile and will multiply him exceedingly.
He shall become the father of twelve chieftains,
and I will make of him a great nation.
But my covenant I will maintain with Isaac,

Abraham was called by God to gather the scattered people of God. God is merciful and looking for his children to come back to him. If we read in the Old or New Testament we see God’s intervention in the lives of People who are Kings, Prophets, holy men & women was to bring back his people to himself and form one family with God. This is the reason all the Prophets, Commandments and the gospel talks about repentance and Salvation. Repentance is retreating from our present life to the life of God, the life of Salvation.

In today’s Gospel, God chose Abram to bring back all the wandering people of God and changes his name to Abraham, which means Father of Many Nations. Then God promises him a Son, Isaac who will carry on the mission of God to the next generations and Israel which will come out of Isaac’s inheritance. Abraham proposes Ishmael, who was a teenager when God made this Covenant with him to be his inheritance of the Covenant but God rejects Ismael and promises him to a Child by next year at the same time and Abraham was to name him Isaac.

Is God partial to his children?  God wants people of God’s heart who have a complete reliance on God alone to do his will so he wanted Abraham to hope against all hope and reject the reality, the human idea or thought of Abraham to make Ismael carry out God’s Work. If we see in the past and present time, God chooses some people as his chosen to do his work on this Earth. These selected people may have to sacrifice their life for God’s work. God tests these people again and again and purifies their heart and mind until it is tuned to God’s heart and mind. Abraham goes through this test when he was asked to sacrifice Isaac, the love of his old age, but Abraham knew if God can give him a child at the age of hundred then nothing is impossible for God and whatever God is asking will turn out to be good to him so he obeys God and decides to sacrifice Isaac. By doing this he sets his heart away from the humans and sets his heart on God. This is the reason Abraham became Father of Faith.

God’s plan for Israel was to gather the people into one Nation and separate and/or discipline the Wicked heart. This is the reason there were wars and famines. God is not partial because whenever descendants of Abraham, who were called to bring all People to God, sinned and went away from God, other nations attacked them and took them into exile as slaves. This was the story of Israel from Abraham till Jesus was Born.In fact God was fed up with Israel and their stone hearts and hypocrisy.  

God sent his one Love Jesus(Isaac) in to this World to full fill his side of the Covenant and to bring all people under one nation. God did not spare Jesus in testing either, Jesus went through terrible tests in his life and made an important decision, Jesus had to make to die for all the people of God.  Jesus at Gethsemane prays and God was in silence, not because he didn’t love Jesus but rather for his love for his people and fulfilment of the work of salvation was more important for him than to prevent the suffering of Jesus.  Jesus knew all things will turn out to be good because he completely trusted God and his goodness. Thus, Jesus died and on the third day resurrected from the dead to bring all people of this Earth to himself.

God is a God of all faiths, Religions, Caste, Colour, Creed, languages, status and loves his scattered children. His only purpose from the beginning was to bring back all his people in to one family in him.  He chose Israel but they failed miserably. Until finally Jesus was victorious in bringing the people together. Jesus won the Victory over Satan and hell and separated them from slavery to freedom. The work has been done but still many people live in divisions and are slaves of Evil. The good news of Salvation must be preached by love and us as God’s people must gather all people in the values of Christ under one family of God.

There is only love in unity and never in divisions. Let us possess the Heart of God as we are chosen by God to fulfil his purpose on this earth. Jesus preached and witnessed the love to the new Covenant. Those who live in love, live in God. Love was God’s plan when he made man to be his family.  So, let us love God and love our neighbours and form a single community of love on this Earth. This is the real promise made to Abraham when he promised to bless him with descendants like stars in the Sky.

Any type of person who causes divisions for any reason does not possess the Spirit of love. Jesus was not a Christian, but was a servant of charity and love. Recently, Christianity has become a fancy or false identity of God’s love for his people. The identity of Holy Spirit in our heart is love and not Baptism.  Baptism is sign of Sacrificial Love of Jesus but if our actions are dividing and we hate, we are all hypocrites and we sin against God. Israel, the selected people to carry God’s Work, were tested, disciplined in slavery and were exiled whenever they sinned so all Christians who are also selected people to proclaim Jesus’s love to all the people cause divisions and/or hate God will discipline them like the Israelites. What was the punishment of Israelites when they sinned, God’s went away from them, the Ark of the Covenant was captured and the temple was destroyed and they lost the right of their land and was taken as slaves.

We Christians also will lose our Holy spirit received at Baptism and live like nomads in the Wilderness of this Wordily and Evil Passion. Satan will make us slaves and take us away from our God and our people. This result is Hell where there is no presence of God. But whenever Israel repented, God came with help and rescued them from the enemies and once again formed into People of God. Temple were rebuilt and they possessed the land they lost and lived in fear of God and in love of neighbour in unity.

Christianity is a very important call or authority given by God to carry out his work on this Earth. We are not to follow the Worldly and Evil practices of this earth, but to live in the Christian Values and pass on these values to the others You will have plenty of reward here in earth as well as in heaven. God will be your provider, protector, saviour, healer and the biggest joy of your life. This is wonderful divine life in this Earth. Taste and see that the Lord is good.



2 thoughts on “Jesus fulfils the covenant made to Abraham

  1. An encouraging word! It’s important for people to understand the authority God has given his children to see his work done!


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