Jesus is the security and daily bread of those who serve others.


Today’s Readings:

Genesis 44:18-21, 23b-29; 45:1-5
Ps 105:16-21 (with 5a)
Matthew 10:7-15
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Jesus is the security and daily bread of those who serve the Lord

The labourer deserves his keep.


Today’s Gospel message is very important for those who serve the Lord and want to serve the Lord or serving Lord half-heartedly. The Wisdom and Knowledge of Christ has been revealed to the poor in spirit or humble in heart without any cost. We call these people servants of God who work to spread the Kingdom of God. In short these people work not to gather for themselves but work for the benefit of others. We come across many categories of people who have service mind in their work. These people do not work for money or count time or apreciation at work but work for the good of the others. These people are the real servants of God. The money or other issues at work place become secondary for them and doing a good job to build the Kingdom of God is the first priority in their life. The caring , encouraging , gentleness , patient, understanding approach becomes their nature.  Discipline shown in love and benefit of others also a servant nature. We call these qualities as Pastoral or Shepherd or in modern language Management qualities.

God bestows some special graces upon his chosen people. They are supposed to be role models for others. They testify the Gospel in their lived lives and proclaim it to others by words and actions. Every person who has these qualities is a Christian by virtue. Jesus did not come to this earth to Baptise people in to Christianity but to make people better people with the Gospel message. A person who lives in Gospel message is a real Christian  in his own belief, Baptism is a sign of the Spirit of God which confirms an individual with an identity as Christian. Jesus did not baptise anyone in his life but his Words of life the Gospel transformed people from Sin and accepted Gospel message in their life. Baptism is not necessary to enter in to the Kingdom of God but repentance and believing in the Gospel truths are real baptism. A Christian Who has been baptised but not living in repentance or gospel truths cannot enter in to the Kingdom of God. Today Jesus says all those who proclaim the Gospel in their Work place, family, society, politics, humanity  are called to heal the broken hearted , drive all negative evils and bring peace in to this World. Their return reward is not in money or appreciation but their reward is the Lord, the peace, the Kingdom of God. Many people leave their family, Friends, do not marry, live in extreme conditions, live in persecution, die for the truth , work for charity because they have experienced the Gospel truths in their life and this life gives them peace and Happiness.

Today Jesus says not to carry any provision in their journey of life. This is a major challenge to every follower of the Gospel. When we work for the poor , we give them freely what we received freely the gifts of God. But for our survival and security of life we need to fulfil our basic needs and every servant of the Gospel deserved to keep the offerings made by the poor. These offerings are the gifts come from the poor hearts of people who have been saved from their miserable life . No servant can demand or set a figure but must receive whatever offered in gratitude. If we demand or set rules to receive for our needs , it does not carry blessing of Peace. I have seen in my whole life , the people who care for others without any expectations in return have been taken care by the Lord for all their needs and showered blessings of peace in abundance.

There is  a World of selfishness , gathering and living in the Worldly security , comforts and peace but there is one more World of  Gospel values of truth which  give  peace of Christ. Joseph in the first reading was stuck to Values of the Gospel and became source of all the needs to  others.  The brothers or his enemies bowed down before him in homage and fear in the time of famine. There will be a famine to listen to the Word of God and many will throw all the Worldly possessions they have gathered and listen to the words of life saving the Gospel.  One day every Worldly Value will bow before the Gospel Values of Christ and the Kingdom of God will be established upon this Earth. Let us be servants of this Kingdom of God and work not in expectation to get in return but work to give freely because we have received this gift from God without any Cost. The good God will multiply our provisions and will become the source of even worldly provisions like Joseph .Our Reward is with the Lord alone.

I see many  people fleeing from  Worldly poverty but I say my friends the very  worldly poverty is a blessing in our lives. We need to flee from spiritual poverty and not from Worldly poverty. The God is the Provider in cities or abroad or villages and if we stick to the Gospel values and work where we are in the vow of stability we will gather all riches like Joseph who was a captive as a slave and a victim in a Pagan Country Egypt and became the source of all riches. My humble advice to all who flee from their countries for better life and live in extreme spiritual poverty without families , friends and even God to believe in this message of the Gospel and live in peace in our own homes, work places and live as natives with stability and peace.



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