Christian Wisdom is foolishness to Worldly Wisdom.


Tuesday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time
July 18, 2017.

Today’s Readings:

Exodus 2:1-15a
Ps 69:3, 14, 30-31, 33-34
Matthew 11:20-24
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:                                          

Believing & Living the message of Christ is Living in Heaven on this Earth

Turn to the Lord in your need, and you will live. (69:3)

Today’s Gospel message is to change our attitudes in to the Beatitudes of Christ.  God’s message of salvation was preached all over the World but man want to remain in slavery. God sends his servants prophets and holy men to proclaim the good news of God still loves the World and to remain in God’s love and love our Brethren through the love of God. This message is echoing from the time of first sin entered in to this Word till date. Mankind is living in the guilt of sin like fear, insecurity, temptations, disobedience, lack of Faith and materialism. If we see from the beginning of the Creation till now all the messages of the Bible enfolds into one single message of God’s invitation for his children to turn back from Sin and come back to him by believing in the message of God’s love.

Love surpasses all things in this World and the Netherworld. A person who has love in his or her heart has passed the test of Salvation on this earth. Any activity in this Earth does not have portion of God’s Love is not of God but of earthly. Love is the pass marks to enter heaven or eternal life. If we have love, we have God in our hearts.

Jesus gave a new meaning to God’s love. Love of God was wrapped in the paper of Laws and tradition but Jesus fulfilled this Paper Law in to action and gave us an example of new commandment of Love. This is the difference between other religions and Christianity. All atheists and other religions are following a love based on worldly standards but not unconditional love like God. Jesus loved by forgiving the enemies and dying for them. If we talk about this love in the present modern World, people call this stupidity or foolishness but this foolishness is the wisdom of God the very Message of Love the Gospel of Salvation. Jesus love cannot be experienced in studies and theological debates but it must be lived in imitation of Christ. This love does not achieve anything in this life, like a Baby born without any senses and Parents caring this child in obedience to God’s love and deciding to love this baby in God’s love. For Doctors and intelligent legislation makers it is torture and waste of money and time but for God and for Christians it is a testimony of God’s love. We need not have a reason to love someone, if we have a reason then it is a selfish love. If we love without having any reason in imitation of Christ we are in God’s love.  The effects of Sin have mingled in the very love of today and we must be careful in choosing the real love of God. This is the real difference between other religions, atheism and Worldly legislations which look for a reason to love but Christianity is a way of life which believes to love without any meaning and the World calls them insane or foolish.

Today Jesus is calling all people to believe in this message of foolishness. Are we ready to follow him or like Pharisees and Scribe call him possessed or insane or foolish and put him to death like the World thinking of putting to death the Child born without any senses. If we put these Babies to death. We crucify Jesus to death who lives in the hearts of those very Babies.

Today’s first reading we see, Moses was rescued by his mother by risking her life by going against Pharaoh’s decrees because she cared the Baby not by saving her own life but give her life for her children like Jesus gave his life to the World. Moses became the Saviour of Hebrews in Egypt who carried on the Passover an Exodus. Christians are not to live in the fear of Worldly powers or false beliefs but witness to these very worldly people in love like St. Paul and apostles and first Christian communities did in the early years of Christianity. An unconditional love and love without having any reason is the real Christian love which we are called to live on this Earth.  



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