Every Day is Sunday- Sabbath Day -Resting with Jesus


Today’s Readings:

Exodus 11:10 — 12:14
Ps 116:12-13, 15-18
Matthew 12:1-8
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Every Day is Sunday- Sabbath Day -Resting with Jesus

This day shall be a memorial feast for you,
which all your generations shall celebrate
with pilgrimage to the LORD, as a perpetual institution.”

Sabbath Day in the old testament and Sunday in New Testament are the days of obligation. These are memorial days of the first Passover and the second Passover of Jesus Death on the Cross and resurrection. The sabbath is a day to rest in God. This is pre-glimpse of Heaven on this Earth. We have six days to live our human life and seventh day is to live a divine life. Jewish people disciplined the Sabbath with many traditional set of rules and regulations. These rules and regulations acted as  Words of God and the real essence of the Gods words were omitted and thus the purpose of the Sabbath which was to love God and our Neighbour became secondary and set of rules took over the first priority.

Jesus who was the Lamb of the Passover and Lord of the Sabbath and very purpose of the Sabbath interprets the real meaning of the Sabbath to the Jewish Community. The first Passover was the preparation to the second and final Passover the plan of Salvation. The blood of the lamb represented the blood of Jesus which was supposed to be shed on the Cross for the Sins of the Whole World.  Jesus died once for the whole Creation from beginning of the Creation till the end of time. For Jesus or God there is no present, past and future tense but for God all the time is one time. God looks the Whole creation from the beginning of the creation till the end at one glance or one activity. This is the reason when we offer our past or future to Jesus, he can turn them in to our present. In the Gospel Jesus reveals his Lordship on Sabbath. The sabbath was kept to rest in Jesus and the disciples rested in the Company of Jesus. The disciples were resting in heaven and the Jewish authorities showing them a manmade or sacrificial way to rest in peace.  Jesus shows three aspects in this situation

  1. Jesus is the Lord and fulfilment of the Sabbath
  2. Worldly sacrifices & doctrines without love and repentance bring success and Worldly prosperity but not peace.
  3. God looks at the heart and not the Knowledge.


  1. Jesus is the Lord and fulfilment of the Sabbath:

If we are with Jesus , every moment of our life is Sabbath. Sunday  & Sabbath is a disciplinary activity in honour to the Lord and was practised so that people may more and more rest and depend on God. But God wants every person to grow and rest in him all the time and this is real Sabbath. Jesus said  “  a day will come , the people neither Worship in Jerusalem or in Temple or on Sabbath day but worship in truth and Spirit. If we are in presence of the Spirit of God and live in truth , it is a perfect  Worship , God wants from us. We must live our life as a living Sacrifice offered to Jesus Sacrifice on the Cross and he will resurrect our every action in to life giving spirit to this World.


  1. Worldly Sacrifices & Doctrines without love and repentance bring success and Worldly prosperity but not peace.

Jesus said I seek mercy and not sacrifice. The Sacrifice attitude brings self-righteousness and this is fruit of pride. This is the reason Christians believe that Salvation or to get rid from the Evil cannot be achieved in our own efforts but by the power and love of God and  of our neighbours. The best way to discern our activities is to find the love of God and our neighbour. If we do not follow these two commandments, all our life how successful we may be , it is  a big waste and the result is self-satisfaction of name and fame which all worldly people, worldly leaders, worldly business men,   celebrities achieve in their life. They go in search of true peace but miss the goal of peace & rest of the Sabbath and land in the misery of success and luxury  of life.


  1. God looks at the heart & not Knowledge

God only looks at our hearts and nothing else. If we our heart is not in love of God and neighbours we can not rest with God. Knowledge of God is the love of God and this Knowledge cannot be achieved through the Knowledge of the World like studies and research but only in service and charity. Service and Charity cannot be made without God’s love in our heart.


Today let us analyse our life, Are we Sunday Christians . Do we understand that Sunday  is a day to worship and rest with Jesus and not a holiday of only eating and drinking . Let us grow as adult christians, more to rest in God in other days of our life . Also let us offer all our days as a living Sacrifice to the Cross of Christ and receive rest and peace from God.








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