Encounter of Jesus makes us his brother and sister in Christ.


Today’s Readings: Saturday : July 21 2017

Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene
Lectionary: 603

                                                                                                                                                                   Reading 1- SGS 3:1-4B
SGS 3:1-4B

Responsorial Psalm :PS 63:2, 3-4, 5-6, 8-9                                                                                                           Gospel  : JN 20:1-2, 1


Audio: http://ccc.usccb.org/cccradio/NABPodcasts/17_07_22.mp3

Encounter of Jesus makes us his brother and sister in Christ.

Jesus said to her, “Mary!”
She turned and said to him in Hebrew,
“Rabbouni,” which means Teacher.
Jesus said to her,
“Stop holding on to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father.
But go to my brothers and tell them,
‘I am going to my Father and your Father,
to my God and your God.'”
Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples,
“I have seen the Lord,”
and then reported what he told her.

All the people of this World who have encountered the love of Christ is a new creation in Christ. In the beginning of Creation, it was one family of God.God was the Father and all were brothers and Sisters living in God’s grace.  Sin entered the family of God and exiled or took the family of God in captivity and made them slaves of Sin. Jesus the Eldest Brother in the God’s Family came to the exiled land the World to release or save his own brothers and sisters from the Captivity and slavery. He had to pay a price of his own flesh and Blood the very life on the Cross and bought us in exchange to his life. All those agree or believe in him to go back from the Captivity to our original house of our Father  will receive back the grace and live in the grace with the Father. It is very important to believe in Jesus and get transformed from our present life to Jesus life, because he reconciled us to the Father. All those who live in the grace of Christ or God are brothers and Sisters in Christ and God is our Father. This is called one Christian united Family the Church on this Earth.

Today’s readings we see Mary Magdalene the first person who believed  in Jesus , became his first Sister in God’s Family. Mary Magdalene had Jesus experience in her life. She was a sinful Women seeking for the Worldly love. When she encountered Jesus in her life, she encountered the real God’s love in Jesus. This God’s love drew her to follow Jesus wherever he went and said and finally to anoint his dead body risking her own life. At this stage Resurrected Jesus appears to her and gives the first invitation to the Mankind to renter the family of God through a Woman. The invitation is “ I am going to my Father and your Father. To my God and your God.”

This invitation makes every person who agrees to go back with Jesus to the Family of God, a brother and Sister of Christ. He gives us equal right of a brother or Sister and Son or daughter of God.

Many a times we come across Women complaining of not receiving the love from their husbands and Children. Also, we come across many people expecting the love in return with a thank you or an appreciation. If we do not receive the love in return we are disappointed and sometime stop the relationship. These are the real examples of Worldly love. The Worldly love is selfish and expects in return and in reality, this is not love at all.  We come across today 90% of the World is under the spell of this disguised form of love. God’s love is different from the Worldly form of love, this love does not expect in return and unconditional. We can receive this love only through Jesus because he brought this love from above from the Father’s Family the original love and displayed here on earth by his living and as a testimony of his death on the Cross. God’s love is manifested in Words and in action in our life. The Words of God direct us to the activity of love. The love of God is always an activity or a charity and cannot be experienced only in the Knowledge of God or his Words. If we love our spouses, family, friends in Jesus love then we can call ourselves as real brothers and sisters of Jesus and accept the invitation to become the Sons and daughters of our real Father in Heaven.  All Married Couple’s first Vocation is a Brother and Sister in Christ and through this vocation we can love each other in union with Christ to form a Divine family of God on this Earth with procreation and nurturing of our Children in God’s Love. This is a true form of a Christian life and family on this Earth.

Today let us analyse our life and understand the state of our life. Can we call ourselves Christians? Have we encountered Jesus personally and experienced his love and transformed our life in to his ways? Do we love our Spouses, Children and friends in the love of Jesus? If not , today  let us call on the Name of Jesus like Mary Magdalene who was searching Jesus in the tomb and he will come to you and call your Name­­­­_______  , like he called  the name of Mary. Jesus may not appear us directly but he will reach us through People, Scriptures, Activities, Prayer and who knows he may appear to us personally. Mary could not recognise him and thought as a Gardener but recognised him when he called her name. Jesus will call our names in the situations of our life though people, institutions, family, spouses, children and friends. Let us recognise him in those situations and cling to our elder brother who is the only hope to save us from the exiled World  and slavery of Sin the lost Cast Away Experience to our Original Home of life in grace of God the Father.








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