Salvation is not one time experience but a process of Spiritual Warfare throughout our life.


16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 23, 2017

Today’s Readings:

Wisdom 12:13,16-19
Ps 86:5-6,9-10,15-16
Romans 8:26-27
Matthew 13:24-43
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Salvation is not one time experience but a process of Spiritual Warfare throughout our life.

I will open my mouth in parables,
I will announce what has laid hidden from the foundation
of the world.

 In today’s readings , Jesus want to give us the message  that, Salvation of our souls cannot be achieved in own determination and self-efforts but we require extra help of power from above. The mankind is in misery and pain of labour, crying out for freedom from Sin but do not know how to come out of this dungeon of Sin.

Jesus gives us the solution for our misery. Jesus shows us a way of love to turn back from our sinful life and promises us the Holy spirit of God. Who will help us to lead our life to the Salvation. The Holy Spirit shows us the ways of Jesus in action. If I compare Jesus as the Map and Holy Spirit as the navigator, the navigator activates the Maps to show us the way. The navigator tells us where to turn or stop or any speed limit and the danger of accidents. We can carry the maps by ourselves and find the way but the time we fail in our direction, the map will not talk to us or give us any signs of danger or tell us to turn back or find an alternative route to our destination. At this point we require the Holy Spirit or the Community who will help us to mould our life according to God’s Will.  The Church is the Complete Navigator with the Maps which direct our life to the right directions and prays on our behalf. The Church is the People of God who possess the Spirit of God. Holy Spirit is not a power in the Air but lives in the heart of the Faithful. When we possess the Spirit of God in our hearts through Baptism or transformation experience in Jesus, the God’s love pours out in to our heart in the form of the Holy Spirit. This love of God drives us more and more closer to Jesus and Abba Father the trinity. When we experience the trinitarian unity in our life, we experience Heaven in our heart.

 We may explain these things easily but how we can reach this stage in our life. We can put this in following stages

  1. Transformation or Baptism
  2. Prayer & Faith
  3. Love & Charity


  1. Transformation Experience or Baptism:

Jesus gives this gift to every person freely, he takes the first step of Salvation by extending his hand and pulling us out of the Sinful life and giving us the fore taste of God’s Love the Holy Spirit. All Christians by Birth get this gift through the passing on  the Faith by their Parents and family and others through a miraculous encounter of Jesus in their life. This experience of Salvation is the beginning of our spiritual journey in life. Some people think the time they receive the Holy spirit they have become saints. Holy Spirit comes with many gifts and all the gifts are freely given despite of our ignorance. These gifts are given to us to build our life in Jesus Words and bring other people who have not experienced Jesus in their life or to help people who are struggling to live a life on Christian values. We see many people living in the first stage of transformation and running from one place to the other to have this same experience again and never reach the second stage of Prayer & Faith. These kinds of people always ask others to pray over them or pray for them. They also possess the same spirit of God but they do not exercise their faith in God and thus remain like Christian sucking Babies throughout their life. This stage is very dangerous because these people cannot resist the temptations of Evil due to their Weak faith in Jesus.


  1. Prayer & Faith:

Once we encounter Jesus in our life, the first thing comes out of our mouth is prayer. Prayer is nothing but humbling ourselves before God and acknowledging ourselves as Weak and miserable Children of God who need desperate help to love him. Human nature is sinful and cannot be erased in a transformed experience due to the Sinful Ocean we are Swimming in and we do not have any other option rather than to live in this sinful World. Here we require the help of the Holy spirit and we need to be guided by the Word of God to live a life in Faith. The Holy spirit helps us through the Community and in an inner conviction and pleads to God through us in a very unique gift through prayer and Holy ness. Again, this is a free gift of Faith and Prayer. At this stage people get power from above to make miracles and all Jesus Words come true with Prayer and Faith. This is an adolescent Christian stage and need lots of support from the the Grown Community and leaders, otherwise spiritual pride of Evil may attack these people and we see many people leaving the Church or ministry due to lack of Knowledge of the Christian journey. They think that they have already achieved Salvation. All matured Christians must pray and support these gifted and talented Christians who do not have enough experience in their life.


  1. Love & Charity:

Love and Charity is the final stage of Christian journey. This stage is the destiny of our Salvation. Once we experience Jesus in our life and trust in his mercy and love, we must pass on this love to our brothers and sisters who live in darkness. This is the P.h.d or Doctorate of Salvation in Christian life. When we humble down in prayer and renew our minds in god’s Spirit and his Words, we automatically love our brothers and Sisters in Jesus love. This stage is the life of Calvary in Jesus’s stage of Salvation. Humility and Sacrificial love and all fruits of the Holy Spirit will challenge us to pass this stage. At this stage, a Christian becomes zero in Worldly life or cravings but looks at the Heavenly Glory and fulfils the mission of Christ. At this stage, the Christians see hundreds of thousands walking in the Broad Road of hell and do their level best to bring them back to Jesus. These people leave behind a ministry of People to the next generation by passing on their Faith as a testimony of God’s Love. These people do not fear of the Human death or sickness, poverty or persecutions but there is only one aim in life to experience Jesus in fullness of their life and meet him face to face after their human death.


These are the mysteries of Gospel Jesus came to announce on this Earth which were hidden from before the formation of the Creation.

These were revealed to simple and humble people like disciples of Jesus. For rest of the people Jesus reveals them in parables because these people are the very people who were in first and second stages of their Christian life. Let us analyse our stage in the Christian journey of our life and repent and renew our mind in the words and in the Spirit of God and love God and our Neighbour in Jesus love. There is no other Short Cuts to receive the Salvation in this Earth.


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