Humble Hearts can hold riches of Heaven in abundance.


Thursday of the 16th Week in Ordinary Time
July 27, 2017

Today’s Readings:

Exodus 19:1-2, 9-11, 16-20b
Daniel 3:52-56
Matthew 13:10-17
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Humble Hearts can hold riches of Heaven in abundance.

You shall indeed hear but not understand,
you shall indeed look but never see.
Gross is the heart of this people,
they will hardly hear with their ears,
they have closed their eyes,
lest they see with their eyes
and hear with their ears
and understand with their hearts and be converted
and I heal them.

“But blessed are your eyes, because they see,
and your ears, because they hear.
Amen, I say to you, many prophets and righteous people
longed to see what you see but did not see it,
and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.”

God speaks to his people in the First and second reading but there was a difference among people who responded to him. Moses responded with reverence and honour and  other people with fear and death. The Israelites had a wrong image of God that the God is a punishing God. This image of God was created by our first Parents when they disobeyed God. God called them to repent and come back to the Holiness to see him as he is but mankind started running away from him. Our God is not a punishing God but a loving God and the nature of our  God is Holy. Those who want to see God need to be Holy. How do we become Holy? Holiness is a stage of our Heart. This stage comes by remaining in the presence of God all the time. To remain in the presence of God, we need to be in tuned to the Spirit of God and in tuned to the Spirit of God, we need to be obedient to his Words and inspirations. To be obedient to the Word of God and his inspirations we need to have an obedient and humble heart. To have a Humble and contrite heart we need to repent or change or turn back from disobedience and come back in to the Presence of God at every moment of our life. God wants these kinds of People who live in the presence of God all the time. Man was created to remain in obedience or in the presence of God all the time. This life is bit delegate in Earthly point of view but real life in the Spirit.

When we reach this stage of Humble or Holy Hearts we can hold or store the riches of Heaven in abundance. In this stage God becomes our provider, healer, deliverer, protector, Saviour and only purpose of life. We need to reach this stage in Christian life and live it constantly. It is a Wonderful experience to live in the Garden of Eden, God walking with us face to face and talking to us ear to ear and loving us like small children by heart to heart. All Prophets, Apostles and disciples of Jesus experienced this privilege to live in the presence of Jesus. The disobedient people who are not in the presence of God are the People who hear God but do not understand and look but cannot see because their hearts are disobedient and unholy with fear of punishment and not in love.

God speaks to us different ways

  1. Through our Family & Friends
  2. Through the Church
  3. In the Work Place
  4. Through the Civil Authorities
  5. Through the Education
  6. Through the Word of God
  7. Through Prayer and inspirations.


God speaks only one message through all these different Ways is  to Come Back(repent) to him and live with him in obedience and Holiness. If we listen to him in all these areas , we make him the Lord and Master of these areas and God starts transforming these areas through us to create better People or Better World or in Short Heaven on this Earth. We need to live this kind of Christian living in our own places by taking a Vow of stability and humility to carry on God’s Business upon this Earth. All these people can hold riches of God and pass on this richness of God to the Coming generation.




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