The Words and the Commandments of God are the invitation & pleading of God to his Children to come back to him and live with him for ever and ever.




Friday of the 16th Week in Ordinary Time
July 28, 2017

Today’s Readings:

Exodus 20:1-17
Ps 19:8-11 (with John 6:68c)
Matthew 13:18-23
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

The Words and the Commandments of God are the invitation & pleading of God to his Children to come back to him and live with him for ever and ever.

Lord, you have the words of everlasting life

Man was created in union of God’s love. God has implanted his nature in every human  Conscience in the form of a natural Law despite of any beliefs or human condition. This Natural Law tries to connect every person of this World to his Creator at every moment of life and this is the voice of human Conscience.  There are two voices in every human, fist is the Voice of the flesh which disconnect us from God’s Commandments and the Voice of the Spirit Connects us to God Commandments of truth and love. The Commandments of God have been implanted in our being from the time of Conception, thus every human life has the portion of God from the Conception. Thus, any force tries terminating this human life goes against Human Law and Gods Commandments. The Natural Law pulls a person naturally towards God’ Nature which is love and truth. If any human violates these laws are violating God’s Commandments. There is only one true God and cannot have many Gods.

How can we recognise the true God who implanted the Natural Law of truth and love in our hearts from our conception? God’s nature is love and he wants every human to be loving and caring in love. If any force or God contrary to the Law of Love is against God or fraud or fake God.  God’s love is not selfish but unconditional. God’s love is truth.  We may misunderstand God’s love in our own beliefs or passed on beliefs by our ancestors or parents but if we are in true love of God, God reveals himself to every individual his true image.

All Commandments of God are not new to human beings but they are born with these natures but the nature of flesh and World divert our craving for God put us in to the false God’s of Flesh, World and Evil. The World, Flesh and Evil also implanted its craving in our hearts which lead us in to evil Worldly ways. The man two choices to choose one the true and original nature of God and the second fake or duplicate nature of the evil World.

God reminds his love to humans through his love by many means of life. The Ten Commandments are one of his reminder of God’s Love. jes




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