17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 30, 2017

Today’s Readings:

1 Kings 3:5, 7-12
Ps 119:57, 72, 76-77, 127-130
Romans 8:28-30
Matthew 13:44-52
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Wisdom of Solomon and Wisdom of Jesus – Old and New

Today’s readings give us broader picture of Kingdom of God. People have many imaginations or ideas or explanation of the Kingdom of God. Many religions and ways of life understand this fact in their own understanding or passed on teaching from their institution or families. In the first reading Solomon asks for an understanding heart. What is this understanding Heart? The understanding heart is a heart of obedience to God. God has put a manual of what is right and wrong in our Conscience but due to Week nature of Flesh, the human heart is not able to access God’s Manual the words of God or Commandments or Natural Law and understand them and apply in life. This is the reason Solomon did not ask for Wisdom but for an understanding or obedient heart. The Wisdom of God the Holy Spirit is an inbuilt part of every human being but human is not able to relate with the Spirit of God because of his sinful nature. The treasure in a dark room cannot be seen or felt but the treasure exists in that room, in the same way the God exists in every Human but due to our evil and self-centred heart, we are not able to understand or feel his presence. This is the reason Jesus said, do not search God here or there but the Kingdom of God is with in you. If we change our actions according to God’s Ways or Manual , the light of God shines in our dark hearts and able see the treasure in our life. For Children, it  is like a puzzle of bits of pcs to join in to its proper position and reveal or make the hidden Picture of God. The Picture is there in the Puzzle but parts of that picture are not in  its proper position. If we put our life according to God’s position , God’s hidden picture in our hearts is revealed or made known.

God repeatedly brings many strategies and plan to the humans to access him in the heart. God inspires holy men and Women and speaks through them and guides through them by Commandments, Prophesies, Psalms and testimonies. All these things are inspirations or guides or signs to change the heart in to an understanding heart so that people may change their hearts and access to the Kingdom of God. These teachings were of the old testament. Humans manipulated these Commandments to seek their selfish desires and could not achieve or gain an understanding or obedient heart.

God predestined the Salvation of Man through Jesus the Saviour. All the old teachings foretold about a New teaching which will supersede or fulfil the purpose of old teaching. God put his image in the Words and Commandments in the old time but in  the new time God himself incarnates in a human form as Jesus the Messiah. In the new testament, he makes the Salvation plain and simple. Believe in Jesus and you will be saved from Sin and get access to the Holy Spirit who lives with in us from our Conception. So when we believe Jesus, we must get Holy Spirit , it is one activity. If anyone says We believe Jesus but we have not received Holy Spirit then there is more to believe in Jesus as Lord and Master of Life.

Jesus Encounter Programmes and retreats of seven steps helps people to accept Jesus as  Lord and Master of their life and experience the Holy Spirit. Every Christian must experience this Salvation Experience. If we live Christian life without proper understanding of the Heart then it will be like Solomon who did not have the understanding or full obedience to God. The Church offers a life of seven Sacraments and these very Sacraments come from the very Salvation act of Jesus Christ. Jesus becomes the first fruit or the first born and every person who believes in him by default becomes his younger brother or sister and recover the image of God and get access to God’s Family the Holy Spirit. If any Christian is not accessed to Holy Spirit then we must say that he is still to find the treasure in his or her life. The Sacraments can be lived only by the Power of the Holy Spirit. These are actions of the Holy Spirit or lived life in Christ. A complete devotion and prayer filled life makes a person to believe Jesus as Lord and Master of his life and live a life of Christ in the Seven Sacraments to be like Jesus and glorify God in Words and deeds.

We require the written words or Commandments of old to discern the Spirit of God in our life. The Evil nature of man entered in the Commandments of God through misinterpretation of the Word’s and the Values of God’s Nature were violated mingling Evil nature of Man, thus very purpose of God’s Words to transform human hearts was not achieved, instead they were filled with Hypocrisy and spiritual pride. In the same way in our time the Evil Nature of Man is in constant attack on the Spirit of God and comes in disguise as Holy Spirit. Many Christians follow this spirit but it is not from God but from Human Evil nature. How to discern these Spirit is a great difficulty in today’s Christian living because present Christians believe miracles and Prosperity comes only from God, but this is wrong most of the miracles and prosperity comes from the Evil Spirits. These miracles and prosperity brings destruction of our hearts and makes a person more vulnerable than before. Jesus gives us a solution in today’s Gospel to discern our life , when we see our actions in the mirror of Old Words of Commandments and Parables of Jesus we can understand and see the evil face with in us and other people to understand the right and wrong Spirit of God. This is a crucial stage of Christian living and we need guidance. Jesus knew the problem and left behind the Church as a Guide and deposit of Old and New treasure the Word or Spirit of God. Every Christian therefore must be a member of the Body of Christ. Christian spiritual life cannot be lived in isolation but in a Community.



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