Wednesday of the 17th Week in Ordinary Time
August 2, 2017

Today’s Readings:

Exodus 34:29-35
Ps 99:5-7, 9
Matthew 13:44-46
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:


I call you my friends, says the Lord,
for I have made known to you all that the Father has told me. John15-15

If we see in today’s readings Moses enters in to Tent of God to speak to him in face to face and the face of Moses changed with glory of God. This glory of God faded after some time specially when he was doing routine work of managing the Community. Every time he had difficulties in handling people, he entered the Tent of God to talk to him and take the instructions. These very Words became the Laws or Commandments of God. As the glory of God faded after a while when Moses was in his routine works , in the same way the Commandments of God started losing the glory in the instructions or commandments. The Words of God became Words of discipline and Command. The words of God are spirit and life but these life giving words became letters of instructions. At this time God himself comes as Jesus to the World to meet his people who were in  fear of the glory  of God. Jesus comes to his own people as a Friend and teaches them in Words and actions.

Once I came through an Alcoholic and started giving him advice that alcohol is not good for health and family and so on. He looked at me and said everyone wants to give advice but no one is helping me like a friend to overcome the habit of my Alcoholism. This statement took me back and I started realising that teaching and preaching is  not enough to solve the problem but we need to imitate that teaching and become an example to others. The disciples and Sinners found something different in Jesus from other teachers, he just came as a Common Man and not as a learned man and took part in their daily activity and taught them how to find the treasure of the Kingdom of God. He himself became the treasure of life. This impact of his lived testimony changed their life and started imitating him.

Those who entered in to the discipleship of Jesus found the treasure of the words of eternal life. These disciples left everything and started following him and started others to follow him.  This treasure of Jesus gives eternal peace, love and Joy the Holy Spirit in our life. This is the life in the Spirit on this Earth. This is the life, Jesus is telling us today to recognise in the readings. The people who lived their life according to the Words found the treasure of life. God is active in today’s World and he can be accessed through the word of God. When we study and apply his nature in our lives, our lives transform with the glory of God. This transformation always remains as long as we are with Jesus in Words and action. This is a wonderful life on this Earth. If our life is in only in Words , our glory fades immediately when we mingle in our daily activities but if we apply the Word of God in our life , the glory of God transform us in to love , Joy and Peace in the form of various fruits or ministries in our life. These people life or the Communities are built on the glory or power of God and no human or Evil power can destroy because Jesus has conquered the Earth and Heaven by his death on the Cross. Jesus has been anointed as King of Peace through his resurrection. Jesus was given the Holy Spirit to build the Kingdom of God on this Earth. Jesus is that true treasure of our life for those who seek true treasure in this World.



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