Recollecting the mercy of God and trusting in his mercy for our present & future is Faith


Wednesday of the 18th Week in Ordinary Time
August 9, 2017

Today’s Saint Quote: Saint Teresa B. of the Cross

Today’s Readings:

Numbers 13:1-2,25 — 14:1,26a-29a,34-35
Ps 106:(4a)6-7ab,13-14,21-23
Matthew 15: 21-28
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Recollecting the mercy of God and trusting in his mercy for our present & future is  Faith.

O woman, great is your faith!
Let it be done for you as you wish.”
And her daughter was healed from that hour.

We see great faith of a Canaanite Woman and faithless Israelites in the desert. The Woman gets healing instantly and Israelites wander in the desert for another forty years and every single person dies in the Wilderness. Did God award the Woman and punish the grumbling Israelites? Faith is the access of God’s grace, when we are humble, obedient to God’s instructions or Words we can draw his grace from the Ocean of God’s mercy. God’s is constant and abundant and can be accessed by any person in this World without any discrimination. If any person accesses his mercy through faith, the result is his award. It is difficult to access God’s mercy in the difficult situations or realities of our life like Israelites. If we evaluate real situation among the Israelites in the Context of military strength, it is like committing Suicide. But if we recollect the mighty hand of God which saved the Israelites from Egypt with mighty miracles and wonders, then it is a great insult or doubting on God’s mercy or power. By not trusting God, Israelites made God powerless before a human race.

If we see in our daily life we come across many difficulties and sometimes we think we are finished or this is the end of our life, but has it been the end? We have come across these kinds of situations repeatedly and forgotten those great anxieties or Worries. If we walk our life in a self-centred way, we will be walking in centres and reaching nowhere like Israelites but finally die doing nothing and just live like a vegetable for the sake of survival. This is the reason every person in this World must reach to a goal of Chosen land or heaven on this earth. What is this chosen place in our life? When we come out of our self-centred life and reach out to others in love and charity, we reach the heaven on this earth. We cannot do this without the manual of God’s love the Word of God or the Holy Spirit. God’s words or the work of the Holy Spirit are the past events of our life or life of Holy people or the prophesies and the teaching of Prophets and the Church of today. We need to recollect every action of the Holy Spirit in our life and in the life of the whole Church past, present and future and exercise these recollected assurances that the same can happen in our present activity. This process is called Faith and this Faith in God’s mercy produces love. We see many festivals, Sabbath-Sundays, Sacraments, Retreats, Scriptures studies, theology, Church, Priesthood are the reminders of God’s mercy in our life. These reminders revive God’s love in our hearts so that through this love we may love others.  The Canaanite woman acknowledged Jesus as the Son of David and Lord the Messiah and faith emerged through this affirmation.  Israelites did not recollect the Wonders of God and trusted in their self-strength and misery by grumbling   against God and doubting on his grace and mercy. The fear, doubt, grumbling, guilt and worrying on the misery is opposite to Faith. This kind of attitude results in misery and despair in our life. God does not punish but we refuse to take the help from God’s ocean of mercy and rely on our own understanding to handle the situation, God cannot help us in lack of our faith, hence fall under curse of God’s punishment the state of no grace or favour or living in hell or despair. The absence of God is the self-invited Punishment of God.

Many so called intelligent people do not believe on this but go through practically in this state of life.  Divorce, Alcoholism, Drugs, Jealousy , heartedness, groupism , wrong relationships, idol worship, Satanism , slaves to technology ,  pollution, lack of discipline and lack of respect are the result of not relying on the Wisdom of the Past , the moral Science.


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