Giving is Receiving….


Thursday of the 18th Week of Ordinary Time
Feast of Saint Lawrence
August 10, 2017

Today’s Readings:

2 Corinthians 9:6-10
Ps 112:1-2, 5-9
John 12:24-26
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Giving is Receiving

The one who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food
will supply and multiply your seed
and increase the harvest of your righteousness.

The Christian way of life is opposite to the Worldly way of life. If the World says Prosperity, power and Knowledge is the real success, the Christian way of life says love, service and  following the Word of God is the real success of life. This warfare can go on and on and they are opposite to each other and cannot meet at any point of life. A Christian must understand this and the Church must teach this to every new born Christian so that he or she understand the differences in these two goals of life.

Today’s readings and the entire Bible gives the same message again and again. The message of salvation is giving love and service to others. How can we give if we do not receive? If we seek first the kingdom of righteousness, all the rest will follow by themselves. The disbelief of people is, they are ignorant on moral education or the plan of God on this earth. This disbelief has been sowed by the Evil sources like our society, Worldly education, non-believing people or ignorant parents and tempting and foolish friends so on. This disbelief has been passed on from one generation to the other. Every person must understand the real goal of life, beginning with the moral way of life. If we do not study or understand this moral goal or purpose in life, we will not be able to understand the choices of life.

There are many ways or religions who offer many goals or purposes of life. Christianity is one of these ways of life. The teaching of Christian way is not of something new but existed from the time of creation. Bible talks about the love of God and Neighbours from the foundation of the World. In fact, the love of God and Neighbour was the principle of all Law and Commandments of old and new. How can we understand that the Love of God and Neighbours is the right way of life? If we look at our Conscience, there is an inbuilt natural Law infused in our inner being and speaks to every individual despite of his way of life or status of life. If we tally these voice to the commandments of God’s love, they echo the same voice with each other. If any religion has this echo has the portion of God’s life in their religion. Christianity is one of the closest religion where the voice of the Conscience echoes the voice of the Holy Spirit or the teachings of the Church.

When people realise the real way of life, we call this as transformation experience. This experience has been made simple to people in Christian way of life, in an inbuilt formula of believing Jesus who is that Voice of our Conscience and of the Commandment and of the Holy Spirit. When we believe Jesus as the goal of our life, we receive the Holy Spirit who leads us to the real way of truth on this Earth. We can have this experience through the study of the moral Law and the Scriptures but all of them end with Jesus and his way of life. If any person study other ways of life to meet real goal, the very ways end at some point and the search for the real goal continues in various ways and finally end with Jesus. When someone  is in real quest of his goal in life, Jesus comes to that person and reveals himself with a miraculous transformation experience. Jesus way of life is giving and forgiving, when we follow his ways we are taken care of our Worldly needs and we meet the real success of peace of mind the eternal rest upon this earth. Today’s reading talks about that seed which transforms from Carnal to divine being and bears fruit in abundance. This we call the transformation experience. When we listen to the Word of God by loving God and apply them in our daily life by giving and forgiving, we transform from human to divine beings on this earth. This always follows with a ministry or group people attracted towards this person’s life and follow that person’s beliefs or thoughts which has been multiplied in to many seeds. The early Christians were evangelisers of this kind of Spirituality and Christianity transformed all evil ways of life and followed the real echo which resounded from the Church and Scriptures to their own voice of the Conscience. These people convinced and rested upon this Words of eternal life. Many Kingdoms, Constitutions, Education systems, Management Rules were built based on the teachings of Christ. A new light was pierced through the new revelation of Jesus to the World and the entire World saw a new teaching of love and forgiveness. The animalism of hatred and materialism of selfishness was defeated by love and forgiveness.

But today the World is tilting towards its old animalism of heartedness and materialism of selfishness. The many ways of other ways of life and modern educated thinking has corrupted the minds of people and the entire generation backsliding to the stone age era. The Gospels the original voice of God has been dubbed and manipulated to their own material desires and preached for selfish reason and hence the essence of God’s voice is missing. The real love and service has become foolishness and study of the Word of God and prayer has become superstitious. The modern World is in the spell of Witchcraft of pride and materialism and power and prosperity has become the goal of life.

Every Christian must stand on Christian teachings and values and die for Worldly values and dispel the darkness of the Evil and bring our lost brothers and sisters to the real way of life the love and forgiveness. There is no better way of life than loving our ancestral heritage of God’s love and loving our brothers and sisters as per that passed on heritage of God’s love. This shared love of God will multiply our families and friends with love, joy, peace, patience, self-control, and make us meek and humble of heart.


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