Moving by Faith and love of Jesus will lead us to Paradise.



August 12, 2017

Saturday of the Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 412

Today’s Readings:

Moving by Faith and love of Jesus can lead us to Paradise.

Today’s readings talk about the faith and love of God. It is very important to listen to God’s words and obey them by loving our neighbours.  Moses tells this to all Israelites and Jesus tells it to his disciples. Believing in God’s Words is faith. God’s Words are truth and life. The whole earth was created through the Word of God and Jesus was that Word which became flesh. When we believe in Jesus, we believe in the Word of God. The entire Earth and dominions like evil and Prosperity is also in control of Jesus. Why then we suffer in poverty, sickness, troubles of life, afflictions so on. This is because of lack of faith in the Word of God and Jesus.  Jesus is the only God we must believe and surrender our life in to his hands like small Children.  This is the life God wants us to live and teach to our children.

Many Christian Communities are living this kind of life and experience the Paradise on this earth. Many a times people of other Countries try to imitate Christian Countries. In Christian Countries there was love, truth and charity. Other countries tried their level best to imitate the life style but repeatedly failed due to the lack of knowledge of Jesus and passed on Christian traditions. Christianity was practiced in Europe, America, Australia, Canada, so these very Countries are more prosperous in richness, education, discipline, evangelisation. Charity and even  in power. Today all the Countries indirectly bow before these Countries why? Because these Countries practiced Christian values from the generations to generations and the Christian truth the Word of God has ground deep in the traditions. This is the reason though people do not confess Jesus as God or believe in him but practice the Word of God without their knowledge. If we do not renew these traditions with the words of God, the same traditions will lose its essence of Christian values and embrace the Worldly values.  Most of the olden Constitutions and rules were based on the Vales of Jesus but the modern rules are turning against the Christian Values and following the Earthly Scientific values. These very values are not permanent but temporary because the Science cannot give us complete truth but only partial truth which is no truth at all. Moral truths are complete truths and these truths comes from the Word of God or Spirit of God alone.

The Christian Countries are backsliding in stability in Economy and security Why?  The true values are not practiced and taught to the next generation. The love and forgiving has become a fool’s paradise and selfishness and Worldly education has become the religion of life.  Today God is reminding us his Lordship over the Earth and invites us to love and put our trust in him alone because there is no other Lord on this Earth but only him. When we trust Jesus, who is the face of God on this earth, let us put our trust in Jesus and see the things, situations or sicknesses turning in to our favour. Jesus is the good Shepherd who takes care of his Sheep with good health, good food, good place to live and to live with him forever.

The World, flesh and Evil scare us and put fear of death in our heart but they do not have the control of our life, if we trust in Jesus and his Words we can stand still and command these forces to throw themselves in to deep abyss and they will listen to us because the Creator’s Commandments of love are activated through our faith and love. Let us teach our Children how miraculous our God is who provides his children from nothingness of our life and feeds us with good things which we have not toiled or worked for them. So let us enjoy with our Father’s ancestral heritage by faith and forgiveness and make this Earth a Paradise of Faith and love and teach our Children to do the same.





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