How to descern true will or God’s will in our life.


Today’s Readings:

Jeremiah 20:7-9

Ps 63:2-6, 8-9

Romans 12:1-2

Matthew 16:21-27

USCCB Podcast of the Readings:


Get behind me, Satan! You are an obstacle to me.

You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do.”


Today’s readings talk about descerning the will of God in our life.How certain we are that we live as

per the will of God in our life. The readings today give us a formula to check our life according to the will of God. There is a  trend of Worldly success and prosperity in the present World , but is this life  a  right life or good for us to gain true happiness. Every human is blessed with a self-will to decide the right and wrong or to choose or live however they want to live but question is what is good or right and gives us true happiness in our life. This is a very personal question which every individual must answer to himself despite of his status of beliefs, race . economy ,culture , civilisation or   education.

The readings of today throw a light to discern God’s will in our life. Jeremiah in the first reading goes through terrible persecution, shame and humility to follow the will of God and decides to quit from his Prophetic call and wanted to live a Worldly life but he says there is something inbuilt fire or zeal or inspiration or the spirit prompts him speak out the Word and for which his body cannot resist but obey. St. Paul says in the second reading not to follow the World but renew their mind to know the Will of God in their life. Jesus in the Gospel rebukes St. Peter not to think like World thinks but think God’s Will in that situation.

The Whole World is in the control of Satan and there is a spell put on the generations to follow the World through copying the Worldly life styles and imitating the human instincts and bodily desires. Our bodies and the World are creations of God and not very purpose to live to fetch them but they are the Vehicles to take us to reach a destination or goal in our lives. These carriages are temporary and perishable and there is no permanent existence in them but they are important to us as long as they help us to carry our missions. But if we make these very body and the world the very purpose of our life and in our whole life we work hard and take care of our beauty and our reputation in the World we deceive ourselves and lose the very purpose of our life. St. Peter and Jeremiah served Jesus to gain the Whole World and realised that there is something else which drives them which is opposite to the Worldly ways, which are the ways of Sacrifice and humbleness and obedience. This is the love of God which has poured out in to each person to love His Creator and to love others. This is the spirit of God. The meaning of God’s love is giving or losing and this principle is opposite to the Worldly love or Worldly  principle of gathering , winning, adding on, prosperity and rule the World. Someone one may say who has seen the heaven and the rewards after life. We need not to wait to enjoy the true life after our death but a sacrificial and a life lived for others in love brings overwhelming joy to our life. Also, the World and our bodies which we use for the glory of God’s will, are blessed and we start to live in the Garden of Eden which Adam and Eve lived before Evil entered in this World. This life in the Spirit of God brings everlasting happiness in this World by loving our God and loving our Brothers and sisters in all circumstances.

Today many Gospel preachers preach the Gospel of Worldly Prosperity which Peter expected from Jesus but Jesus rebukes him calling Satan. Satan has entered among the Gospel preachers today and we do not get the right message of the Gospel. The only formula to discern the message or true will of our life is to check the message of our love to others by forgiveness and charity and losing to gain our life.

Let us evaluate our life, is our life busy in the rat race of gathering, Worldliness, Bodily desires, pride of life, Elite lifestyle, wordily perfection or it is centred on the voice of our conscience and the human law which has been implanted in our being which pleads us to show mercy, concern, pity and help others and draws us to love the true God who is the creator of heaven and earth. When we read or hear the Gospel, they give us the true understanding of heart to access the Wisdom the Holy Spirit which has been inbuilt in each person. The Gospel acts like a light to strengthen the lost to reach think positively and renew their mind, not on Worldly standards but on God’s Spirit of love and truth. This renewed mind gives us the Access of heaven in our heart the wisdom the Holy Spirit and guides us like a Father or Mother takes care of a new born Baby in providence, guidance, protection, Shelter, education and the love and care.

We cannot gain this life in education, financial success, discipline or simply living a good self-centred life but can be experienced through our continuous efforts to renew our minds to listen to the voice of our conscience and the Word of God.  For many people, the darkness of our heart is so great that the Voice of our Conscience has completely dead and we need to charge these hearts with the Words of God which renews these hearts with fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit. This is the reason many people who encountered Spirit of God in various situations in their life change their life immediately and become a new Creation of God.

The first test how to discern the true spirit is,  the time we receive spirit of truth we distance from the Worldly ways of life and embrace a life of sacrifice , loving , caring, forgiving and this spirit draws us every day towards God in Worship , repentance and surrender and prayer.


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