Jesus Knowledge Versus Worldly Knowledge.


Tuesday of the 23rd Week in Ordinary Time
September 12, 2017


Today’s Readings:

Colossians 2:6-15
Ps 145:1b-2, 8-11
Luke 6:12-19
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

See to it that no one captivate you with an empty, seductive philosophy
according to the tradition of men,
according to the elemental powers of the world
and not according to Christ.

Today we see in the readings Worldly Values Versus Christ Values.  Jesus could have transformed the whole World through his divine power after his resurrection but he did not do that, but from the Evil world chose 12 apostles and disciples and infused the Holy Spirit in them and transformed them in to his likeness or his values or in his power. These Apostles were chosen for a special mission of Christ . This mission is to establish Jesus Victory on the Cross and his resurrection and build the Kingdom of God brick by brick. Jesus wants to give the experience of his resurrection to the entire World and transform the Whole World in his love.

The Victory on the Cross and the power of resurrection remains the same as 2000 years ago and the zeal and power to establish the Kingdom also remain the same but it has been spread out over a period to grow by itself in each and every person. In short, the Victory has been made organic or natural in partner with human. Human in his own weakness , experience the Divine power of God and overcomes these human Weakness by cooperating with the divine power and gets transformed completely in to Divinity of Christ.

The vindication of Christ remains as it is from the first point of his resurrection but this Vindication of Christ against Devil is fought in a natural means because the Devil has entered the Human naturally in our traditions, food, education, health, society, family living, daily bread, rules &regulation, politics, religion so on over thousands of years and contaminated and corrupted this World with his Evil values. Human mind and heart has been hypnotised or under spell of Evil and they do not recognise the true values of life.   Jesus wants to put his values by transforming the Human through his Cross and resurrection and removing the curse or the Spell of the Evil and giving them an awareness that the Worldly life is deception of Evil and there is a real life of God which is lived in God’s Love. To establish this Kingdom and finish this Work , it may take equal no of years since the fall of man to the evil till Christs Birth but we never know but one thing is certain it is not one time Victory but Victory won over Evil in all the areas of the World step by step. When the Whole World embrace the Love of God in their life , we can say that the Victory of Christ or Vindication of God or Establishment of the Kingdom of God  is Complete  on this Earth.

Every Disciple of Christ has been given two responsibilities.

  1. To renew oneself every day in to the likeness of God and transformed from the Worldly ways to Christ likeness and live on Christ Values of Love.
  2. To introduce other worldly people who have not experienced Jesus in their life, the Gospel the God’s Love and remove them from the Spell or Worldly life and cooperate to build the Kingdom of God on this Earth.


St. Paul says   in the first reading of today that: “See to it that no one captivate you with an empty, seductive philosophy according to the tradition of men, according to the elemental powers of the world and not according to Christ”.


When we talk about Philosophies, we refer to human thinking, manmade ways of life , man-made religions, modern World inventions, modern education or modern Science.  All these Human ways cannot understand the ways of God but they take us away from the Word of God or Jesus.  Many developed countries have stopped believing in God and 90% atheism has been adopted by these modern people. They say Christian values which is love and sacrifice is dangerous to the Society and nation, which breaks the society and brings divisions among different ways of life. All these so called developed Countries of today used to live a life of no mads before the Gospel was proclaimed to these countries in first few centuries of A.D., Violence, Superstition, Human sacrifice and loot and slander was the practice of their ancestors. The gospel of love and forgiveness dispelled the darkness of hatred and united these Nations in love and charity and these very nations became powerful in the Power of love. Human Education,  human intelligence and human knowledge brings division among people, human by himself wants to supersede the other human in their achievements and this thought itself divided or brings competition which leads to hatred and finally violence, despair and poverty.


Jesus love of Sacrifice, forgiveness and Charity unites people in oneness, peace, hope, love, joy and prosperity. Where there is no selfishness, there is prosperity. It is very simple, everyone looks at the betterment of other person and there is equality and sharing of the resources given to us by God. Peace and unity flow from these values and not from the thoughts of technology and Science of Speed and Competency. The speed and Competency help  us to gather Worldly resources but cannot share them with love and Charity and as long as we do not learn to give and forgive. The purpose of gathering is pointless and can be compared to small children collecting the Sand to build the Castle or a mad man collecting the Garbage and living in it to call himself satisfied Man or my pride of Life.

Jesus tells us to renew our mind with good thoughts which can benefit others to build a better life of love and charity. If we transform these human thoughts of  human Technology ,  human Thinking, human knowledge, human  Science in to Jesus Values  of love and use them to help the humanity to build love and forgiveness then we can call ourselves  as true Contemporary disciples of Christ.

The Eucharist is the present Victory of Christ celebrated in remembrance every day in our lives. Let us offer our lives to the Eucharistic body of Jesus Body and blood and get transformed and be free by saying the proclamation: By his Cross and resurrection you have  set us free and let us live this Mass by our sacrifice in the Calvary by witnessing Christ in our lives and the lives of others. By looking at our lives , they will transform their life and imitate our life , the life of Christ’s love of giving, forgiving, Sacrifice and Sharing.





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