Man’s free will is the Beatitude of Jesus


Wednesday of the 23rd Week in Ordinary Time
Memorial of Saint John Chrysostom, Bishop and Doctor of the Church
September 13, 2017

Today’s Readings:

Colossians 3:1-11
Ps 145:2-3, 9-13ab
Luke 6:20-26
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

since you have taken off the old self with its practices
and have put on the new self,
which is being renewed, for knowledge,
in the image of its creator.
Here there is not Greek and Jew,
circumcision and uncircumcision,
barbarian, Scythian, slave, free;
but Christ is all and in all

Today’s readings give us a picture of God’s life on this Earth.  The attitudes of the World and beatitudes of Jesus are Contrary to each other.  The self-attitudes come from our self-free will  and this free will has been put in to our mind so that we may learn to cultivate an attitude which is acceptable to God.

When we migrate from one city to the other, the mindset of those people is not the same as ours. As we live in that city we learn to live as per their mindsets. For people who do not change the mindsets or try to change the mindset of the people of that city, the life is difficult. Every Human has been given the free will to choose good and bad. God can not intervene in choosing the Will, that is why it is called free will. Parents, Community, Literature influence our Will when we are immature but once we are able to take decisions by ourselves, our mind reasons for an evidence and decides which way to go.

We can imitate many models or idols in our life and align our way of life according to their values of life. These models only become a sample which give the foretaste of that particular way of life. The whole wide World has been busy in following these kind of models and pass on these model’s values of life to their next generation. When someone copies the model, the individual lives not his own life but the life of someone else. Here though he decides by himself by his free Will but copies the Will of others and on the contrary, loses his free Will.

In the Garden of Eden, the first parents did the same mistake, they believed Satan and his promises and lost the Paradise. The free will of God is the love, respect and dignity given by God to humans and this brings equality or inheritance as Children. This is the authority given by a King to his Children. The human beings have been under a curse of copying Evil ways from generations to generations and hence the free Will of God has been manipulated by values of the World and Evil. But the free Will of God always reminds the human the sense of right and wrong in every action but the man is so much corrupted with the Worldly ways, he is not strong enough to follow his free Will.

Jesus in today’s Gospel gives a new teaching which is Contrary to the World. He gives the Knowledge of the Kingdom of God and gives people a new sample of life to follow. He gives Beatitudes are just opposite to our attitudes which we copied from this World or from our families. These Beatitudes are the result of the free Will of God. these Be attitudes act like an readymade answer in the Examination paper.  These Beatitudes become like a checkmate on our attitudes. Man is not sure of his attitude is right and wrong unless someone tells him the truth. No human can discern the free will of God except God himself. Jesus gives us the Beatitudes, his own attitudes or life and encouraging us to live a life of holiness.  If we read the second reading St.Paul is encouraging the people who have realised their free Will or God’s Will or Beatitudes or their true image comparing to the image of God  and live the life in discovered image of God in their life and not to backslide to their old attitude of life.

I have seen many people realise the truth but live in both attitudes as per their convenience and comforts. These people are hypocrites and God hates these people and these people cannot inherit the Kingdom because their behaviour is of the Bastards, the unfaithfulness. These type of people are many in the current World and they look good , decent, elite , educated, at the outside but from the inside is full of pride, lust, greed, anger ,slander and hatred which St. Paul refers in the first reading.

Let examine our life , in which Category of attitudes we fall in and if we have not analysed or diagnosed our free Will or attitudes  whether they are right or wrong , this is the right opportunity to examine our Conscience by reading the Beatitudes of Jesus  which throw the true light and Knowledge of the image of our Creator . When we realise this truth no matter which way of life  we belong like Mahatma Gandhi who was influenced by Jesus Beatitudes and changed his attitudes and exposed the hypocrisy who is to boast themselves as Christians  and became a great Non Violence Saint . Let us realise our free Will no matter what is our background or status of life but make Christ is all and in all.




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