Forgiveness is a Sharp Sword which kills the Evil instantly.


24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 17, 2017

Today’s Readings:

Sirach 27:30–28:9
Ps 103:1-4, 9-12
Romans 14:7-9
Matthew 18:21-35
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Lord, if my brother sins against me,
how often must I forgive?

Today’s readings on forgiveness talk about our own Salvation to the Kingdom of God. The unforgiveness is rebellion against God or going against the Will of God or disobedience. When we do not forgive others, or keep any anger or resentment or difference we break both the Commandments given by Jesus, to love God and love your Neighbour as our self. Thus, we break all ten Commandments which are based on these two Commandments.  Unforgiveness and hatred are grave spiritual sicknesses which weaken our mental ability and paralyses our Bodily capacity. Many physical sicknesses and mental sicknesses are due to the state of hatred and unforgiveness.

If we see in the olden time, it was said: Eye for Eye, Ear for an Ear but Jesus changed the whole perspective of the Commandments in to love of God and Neighbour.  Before the Gospel of love was preached, the revenge was the solution for every defaulted action. By over powering the rebellion one could suppress the rebellious and rule the rebellion was the culture of our society.  Jesus gave a new teaching of love and forgiveness. We may think this is a foolish teaching but this could have given only one who came from above and understood the evil and his weakness and a strategy to defeat him. The spiritual Warfare is to do good when someone is doing bad to us.  In this way, the evil is defeated and we throw hot tongues of fire in to the mouth of the Evil. We need to fight this battle in a spiritual context and love our brothers and Sisters bound by the Evil. These sick brothers and sisters are not aware, what they are doing, they have been hypnotised and conspired by the Evil. The Evil instigate us by using these sick brothers and sisters, so that we may retaliate with revenge to bring fights and destruction in hatred and Violence.  We must defeat the Evil by loving our enemies and doing good to who hate us and pray for people who persecute us. This is a new spiritual scientific formula which is powerful than the Atomic Bomb. This love impact remains for generations and peace has been established all over the World. This is the plan of Jesus on this Earth.

Let us co-operate with our Captain who showed us by his Words and actions of love. Today the World is backsliding to the Stone Age and once again hatred and discriminations are ruling the World. People think for temporary solution and come in to conclusion of Victory. The real victory is in Forgiveness and peace. The Nuclear warfare has always brought division in the World. The people who rule by the Sword will die by the Sword. We see some politicians and super power of the World catch Nuclear Bomb in one hand and the Word of God on the other hand. These people are hypocrites who deceive themselves and others. They keep two legs two boats and finally drown in the darkness of hatred and discrimination.

Today God is asking us to examine our Conscience, we cannot say We love God but hate our neighbour. God loves every person despite of his rebelliousness, and he wants us to do the same. If we rebel against the rebellious then we cannot say we are Christians or followers of Christ. There is only one way to heaven and that is unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness. The World may have many reasons and arguments but we Christians have only one foolish way of love and forgiveness which leads to the Victorious and triumphant life of God.


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