Salvation is lifetime process in our life.


Saturday September 16, 2017

Memorial of Saints Cornelius and Cyprian
1 Timothy 1:15-17
Ps 113:1b-7
Luke 6:43-49


Todays Readings:

Today’s reading talk about walking in faith.  Jesus gave his body and blood as a sacrifice of Sin for us and the Whole mankind on the Cross once for all. Jesus died for everyone in this World from the first parent Adam & eve till his second Coming the Judgement Day. If Jesus has died for our Sins and the sins of the Whole World then why Sin exist and continue and multiply day by day in our lives and lives of the Wole World.

Jesus has given us a remedy to get rid of Sin and this remedy is to believe in him and follow him in the Word of God and through the traditions of the Church his Body. He has offered his fleshly body upon the Cross and saved the whole World from the slavery of sin. Also, he has resurrected us through his Spiritual Body and formed us in to a multitude of spiritual bodies in to his one body the Church. Where is this Spiritual Church or Body of Christ in the World? The Victory has Won and freedom has been given but the people still remain in the Worldly life of Sin. Sin is like Cancer in our life and has come from our ancestors and the only remedy to cure this sickness is the body and blood of Jesus offered on the Cross as a sin Offering. The spiritual Church is not completely relieved from Sin , the Salvation of Jesus redemption is a process or an pilgrimage from Slavery to the freedom. People may experience that they have been set free once for all but in spiritual point of view it is God’s time to bring people from disobedience to Obedience. This is a spiritual exercise and remains in life time. The Salvation has attained by Jesus one time but for People to apply and implement this in their lives is life time. This is the reason many Christians who think they have been saved once for all and fall in to spiritual pride and once again fall in to the trap of disobedience. This is Devil tactic to mislead the elect and saved people of this Earth.

Some people have been saved from Sin but since the whole World is surrounded by the Sin , the Sin spreads again and again and it is contagious and we need to live a life in the Spirit or believe in Jesus and live in his refuge the Church body of Christ. This is a new kind of Spiritual life lived in love, sacrifice and forgiveness on the teachings of the Gospel. When we are with Christ, we are in the Kingdom of God. When we live in this life with Jesus by following him in faith and proclaim this faith to others we need not bother of many rules and regulations of this World or even of the formalities set down by the Church because these set rules and formalities come from Christ for an order to lead people towards him and they can not contradict or clash with each other because we live for Christ and die with Christ. When we live in faith with Jesus, we are above the rules and formalities which is the purpose of them all. If we perfect the rules and discipline of life and ignore Christ’s purpose of love then  there is no value for these disciplinary or orderly or educated or cultured or systematic life.  When we proclaim Christ to the World, we say look at Christ who is the source of all these rules and goodness which come from him alone. Any formality or rules and regulation does not come from Christ is of the World, and they take us back in to our fleshly life of the world and away from love and Christ.

People are not able to experience the salvation of Christ and renounce Sin because either their mind is completely corrupted by the teachings and practices of this World or Sinful life is keeping them away from the Gospel of freedom. There is urgency to preach, teach and be an example to all these people to minister the Gospel of Christ like St. Paul was instructing to Timothy his disciple in the first reading. The light is shining brightly all over the World but people prefer to live in the darkness because of the fear of their shameful acts being exposed in the bright light. But every good person comes to bright light and lives the Gospel and walks through the Gospel in faith and actions. We Christians who live in faith and spirit  must pray for the Hastening of the Salvation to the Whole World. Maranatha… Come Lord Jesus Come…



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