Prayer is Walkng humbly before Jesus trusting in his Lordship.


Monday of the 24th Week in Ordinary Time
September 18, 2017

Today’s Readings:

1 Timothy 2:1-8
Ps 28:2, 7-9 with (6)
Luke 7:1-10
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

For there is one God.
There is also one mediator between God and men,
the man Christ Jesus,
who gave himself as ransom for all.

Today’s reading talk about the additional support required to humans to achieve the Salvation or Peace on this Earth. No human can fulfil the good plan which helps others by his own Wisdom and understanding but he requires God’s help. Every good Work or Charity made for others are the part of the plan of Salvation on this Earth. When we try to achieve this, we have to face the Prince of this World the devil who brings afflictions and barriers in various ways, to overcome these obstacles we need God’s help. Jesus came on this earth to help humans to fight against Evil Ways and win the Salvation.  When we humble before God by believing in his mercy and love , we fulfil the duty of prayer and surrender. Praying is Walking humbly with God by trusting his promises and mercy. When we humble and trust in his promises for others, God grants the desires of our heart because we become co-partners in the Salvation plan. God waits every day who will join in his army of intercession because after  he has won the Victory of Salvation , he is seated at the right hand of the Father interceding and availing the Salvation for those who seek the Lord.

Intercession is Evangelisation which is a very important and secret ministry of Christ. Many saints only interceded for the whole World and lived their life in their own boundary in their belief. They did not go out to proclaim but prayed with in the four walls of their house.  In the modern World as online fever is kicking in on every area of life and the Offline dealings are minimised, in the area of spirituality also this ministry of intercession is more of like an online ministry . Jesus knew this 2000 years ago and started this ministry which is much more powerful and effective than the human involvement. The intercessory ministry is 100% spirit driven or faith driven which the Centurion manifested his faith in the Gospel. Jesus Considered the Centurion closer to him than Peter who was with Jesus and wanted to die for him.

Prayer is nothing but exercising our faith in Jesus. We do this by humbling before him by keeping aside our Wisdom, understanding, Will, our ways and surrender the cause to God’s Will or his Wisdom or understanding or his ways or will. When we do this, we need to humble with each other because God lives with everyone. We need to humble with each other in forgiveness and Love. Also, we need to humble before God for all our Weaknesses or Sins.  When we do this God’s protection comes in our lives and we live under his guidance and shelter. Even he provides for our needs , every labourer in the Kingdom deserves his wages, God becomes our provider. This is not achieved in human success or performance but only through God’s power and mercy. Good intercessors wait upon the Lord in full confidence like the Centurion who found himself unworthy to show his face and believed in Jesus authority. He believed Jesus is the Son of God and Come from God , the only begotten Son and has authority over every being upon this Earth. This is called faith and we must exercise this kind of Faith in our actions and prayer of intercession. When we pray for our leaders and Society around us , the Evil  is taken over by the Victorious Salvation which is already available in the air and God’s Kingdom of peace is established upon this Earth.

Let us exercise our faith by taking the Word of God and the Knowledge of truth and this  light of truth will set us free from every lie of this World an bring justice and Peace.


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