The Word of God has Conquered the World, Flesh and Evil.


Tuesday of the 25th Week in Ordinary Time
September 26, 2017

Today’s Readings:

Ezra 6:7-8, 12b, 14-20
Ps 122:1-5
Luke 8:19-21
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Blessed are those who hear the word of God
and observe it.

The readings of today describes the decorum of a   invited person to the Kingdom of God. The word of God is the invitation of God to come and dine with him in the Kingdom of God. This invitation must be accepted in faith and love of God and be transformed or disciplined or prepared to meet our Lord in the Banquet. The invitation is for everyone but if we receive the invitation as a formality or if we compare it to a Worldly invitation and try to enter the Celebration not being transformed or renewed with new clothes as per the requirement of the dress code of the Celebration, then God will not recognise us as his guests or brothers or Sisters.

The Gospel message is life giving spirit, they are the Words of eternal life. The heaven and earth may pass away but the Word of God will not pass way because they are Jesus himself.  This is the reason the Church calls every person to listen and understand and study the Word of God in the same spirit in which it was written or proclaimed. For this we need to study the Word of God in its history, context and the situations and to the people to whom it was written and what the Church and Holy People tell about it. When we do this the mysteries of the Kingdom of God are revealed through the Gospel by insights and reflections through our own past experiences in the similar kind of situation. These insights and reflections are spirit and life of today. God speaks the Gospel through these very reflections and insights and shines on the faithful for the present needs and solutions. These are very often spoken through the Church today so we must be attentive to voice of the Holy Fathers and  the Saints.

But if the word of God is not received in right spirit or for selfish reasons like self-opinion or Human Wisdom, the virtue or values of the Gospel become null and void and it will be like any Word or philosophy of the World. This is the reason many people listen to the Gospel and feel nice but do not apply the values in their life. For these kind of people, the Bible becomes a mere Story Book and homilies are a good well-spoken human motivational talk with lots of fun and Worldly strategies. Some people study and listen the Word of God only to preach and write.  These kinds of people will not gain any values of the Gospel unless they apply in their life and live with that Word of God in trials and challenges with a transformed life and then Witness the Gospel as a self-testimony. Jesus want us to be these kinds of Disciples.

Mother Mary pondered the Word of God in heart and obeyed the Word of God in Faith and love of God despite of all trials and tribulations of life and became not only a Biological Mother of Jesus but also a Spiritual Mother of Jesus by keeping the Word of God in action.  Let us take the model of Mother Mary and follow the Word of God in our lives. Jesus the Super model was not spared by the Father but tested and tempted in every way in his life, even to the point on death on the Cross but Jesus remained faithful to same Will of God and became Victorious and has been given title of “God of Gods and Lord of Lords”. Every Knee and every tongue must bow before the authority of Jesus in this World and the World to come. Every Word of God understood and applied in life has power over Evil , World and Flesh so when we apply this Word in faith and love , the sick are healed, the evil spirits run away and Worldly situations are transformed as per the Will of God.


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