Mysteries of the Kingdom of God have been revealed to the poor and humble in heart.


Saturday September 30, 2017
Memorial of Saint Jerome
Zechariah 2:5-9,14-15a
Jeremiah 31:10-13
Luke 9:43b-45


“Pay attention to what I am telling you.
The Son of Man is to be handed over to men.”
But they did not understand this saying;
its meaning was hidden from them
so that they should not understand it,

Today’s reading talk about the length and depth of the Kingdom of God. The Gospel of Christ was proclaimed to good and the evil. The gospel is transparent and open to each person of this World despite of his status of life. God is for everyone and for everybody and do not have any favourites. Why then some are anointed or enlightened with revelations of the Kingdom of God and others are not. The words of God must be understood in spirit and truth because they are not human Words and to grasp the truths or ways of God, we need to have a poor and contrite heart. The Worldly interpreters of the languages and of finest of Vocabularies will not be able to understand the values of the Gospel. In fact God has kept them away from the mysteries of the Kingdom of God because if they understand them they will use for the Worldly Ways and contaminate the values of the Gospel. The pearls cannot be thrown in front of the Swine because they will not understand the value but they trample them under their feet.

Many intelligent people have mastered the word of God in human knowledge but have not experienced the Gospel in their life or the mysteries and true meaning of the Gospel was not understood or revealed to them. These kinds of people remain Bad Critics of the Word of God throughout their life. St. Jerome translated Bible from Hebrew and Greek to Latin and gave us the true translation and Commentaries on these Word of God. St. Jerome not only a qualified Scholar but also a hermit and lived a monastic life in Antioch the First Christian Community. The true knowledge of the Word of God is the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God shines his light upon the Gospel and the true meaning and values are revealed to the faithful.

Today we see more than 500 versions of the Bible translated by different People as per their own understanding and thus the Word of God has been turned and twisted as per man’s own self opinion. We also must study the Word of God to understand it’s true meaning with various references, history, circumstances, culture, people and Society. The overall idea gives us  true light of the hidden values the meeting point of God to his people in the Gospel of Salvation.



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