Obedience to Jesus brings protection and Providence.

Friday of the 26th Week in Ordinary Time
October 6, 2017

Today’s Readings:

Baruch 1:15-22
Ps 79:1b-5, 8-9
Luke 10:13-16
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

For the glory of your name, O Lord, deliver us.

Today’s readings give a message of disobedience and the discipline for the People of God. God made so many miracles and Wonders to People and saved them from Enemies and provided them in the famines but still people went after the World and sinned against God by disobeying God’s Commandments. Jesus made so many miracles and the good news was preached with signs and Wonders but People refused the Voice or Word of God and made God’s Word and Jesus a liar. The Prophets and the todays Church speak truth the Gospel to People but People want to remain in darkness of this World and Evil because they are so much engraved in the darkness, they are ashamed to come in to light because of the exposition of their deeds.

When we are not with the Lord, the Glory of God leaves us because he is Holy and true. When the Glory or power of God leaves, the Evil takes over our life. God’s protection and providence leaves us and Evil leaders and Evil people take us as slaves and treat us as per their selfish Evil purpose. This exactly happened to Israelites in the Chosen land. Whenever they disobeyed God, Pagan Kings took them as slaves, the Arch of the Covenant captured and Temple was destroyed. Why God did not protect his People? Because God was not there in the Temple or Arch of the Covenant or with the people. But same people repented for their Sins in the faraway place of Exile   in the Captivity, God’s presence and favour came upon them and the same people who captured them and destroyed their temple were instructed and ordered by the Lord to Construct the Temple and set people free. When repent and follow his Gospel we come in the presence of Love Joy Peace the Holy Spirit.

Jesus came to the World to set people from the slavery of Sin on one Condition to repent and to change their ways to the Gospel. Many people believed and received the eternal Salvation but some People liked to live in slavery and forgot the God of truth and love. Jesus prophesies to these people how terrible for you on the Judgement day. The people of the Old Testament did not have the privilege of experiencing the Messiah in person but the people of Jerusalem touched him and saw his power and experienced and saw the healings and miracles but they did not believe and rejected him.

Jesus gives message for our time

Whoever listens to you listens to me.
Whoever rejects you rejects me.
And whoever rejects me rejects the one who sent me.”

Jesus came not only for Jews and Christians the followers of Christ but for the whole World.  Jesus instituted the Church through his apostles and Disciples and Commissioned them to be messengers of his good news. When  we listen to the Church of Jesus we listen to Jesus and in turn listen to the Father. But if we reject the Church and their message we reject Jesus and in turn reject God. We see many Nations and families accepted Jesus and God’s protection and Providence was upon them in the form of Holy Spirit the Love, Joy. Peace, Patience, Self-Control, gentleness, meekness but the time they refused him, the Holy Spirit left them and  they had  to fight the Evil and his Kingdoms directly. This is the reason we see terrorism. Inflation, Chaos, Bad News, Murder of innocent people, Sickness, Hurricane, un employment, threat of evil nations, War so on seen in our families, Society and the Wole World. One person asked me why God permit, Evil to exist in the World, I answered him God is gentle and respect every Creature and he has given every human a free will to choose good and Evil . It is we choose Evil and make Evil to exist in this World. Once all people choose Jesus, the Evil will disappear by itself because he has no room in this World.

When we follow the word of God, we have to go through persecutions and trials. These are not inflicted by the Evil but it is a Warfare against Evil and God disciplines us through various ways. In this discipline there is pain, rejection, insult, shame, betrayal, false accusation and death but all these are caused in the friction of Warfare between good and Evil. The Holy Spirit, Angels, Jesus, Abba father, All Saints are Companions in our battle against the Evil but if there is pain we do not feel it because of the great Love Peace and Presence of Jesus in our life. Many saints had this Experience in their Suffering and death.

We need to identify these Suffering very clearly because often people misunderstand these sufferings.  The Holy sufferings are for our own purification and the purification of others or to build the Church of God. The Evil inflicted sufferings are for rejection of Jesus in our life or if we put in other way, for inviting Evil in our life by rejecting Jesus. When we invite Evil, he is a murderer, liar, destroyer and friend of everything which do not recognise God in their life. So how good things may look like Science, Technology or Education or researches, if God is not present in those areas, Evil takes over and uses these areas to build his Kingdom on this Earth. Let us be wise in what we do and choose in our life. If we are with Jesus and choose an evil area or enter his area, the presence of Jesus disappears from us and Evil captures us much more than others due to our association with Jesus. Let us remember not to enter in enemy’s territory. This exactly What Eve did in the Garden of Eden and tricked by the Evil. Holy Spirit always alerts and helps us through our intelligence, Conscience, faith filled people, Church and by miracles to avoid Evil in our life. Let us listen to this Voice of the Gospel and be saved from our Slavery of Sin.



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