The main Purpose of life on this Earth is to communion with God & understand the mysteries of the Kingdom of God.


Tuesday of the 27th Week in Ordinary Time
October 10, 2017


Today’s Readings:

Jonah 3:1-10
Ps 130:1b-4ab,7-8
Luke 10:38-42
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

“Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things.
There is need of only one thing.
Mary has chosen the better part
and it will not be taken from her.”

The Readings of today give us the very purpose of our being in this World. Human is created and called to communion with God. This is the first and foremost purpose of being on this Earth. Man is not created to do many things on this Earth. Man is Created to listen to God and obey him.  These are only two things God wants from People and nothing else.

Why then Man is busy in making things better in his life.  Man is doing all the things in his life because he wants to live a better and good life. Is this wrong ..yes .  We must ask a question to our self, do these things really make our life a better life.   The Worldly things cannot make our life a better life because they are temporary and perishable. Many people have done many things in their life but finally died without any Peace and happiness.   Moreover, doing research on the things which Exist in this World is not a Wise thing but a child play. Children often build many Castles when they play, and for them those Castles are real and give lots of joy during their game and once the game is over all the Castles are back to normal Sand or mud.  We have been created in the beautiful World with all necessary things with all the Skills and amenities and man must only listen to the maker of this Earth and do according to his Will.  If Man is in communication with God, he reveals much above and more  things than Sun , Moon, Stars, Technology or Science. Man was already given the Wisdom to understand and rule the Earth but Man’s purpose of being on this Earth is not to rule the Earth but to listen to God and do the things as per his Will.  I remember a story of Fisher Man and the Business Man. There was a Fisherman living at the Seashore earning his livelihood by catching fish in his little boat. One day a Business Man comes for a Holiday to this Sea Side Village and sees the Fisher Man with little Boat. He approaches him and starts encouraging him to be more prosperous. The Conversation goes like this

Business Man: You little Fisherman. I am a Gold Medallist in Business Management. I can give you ideas to become big like me by buying bigger Boat and catch many Fishes through technology , Science and latest robots and Computers and big  loans from the  friendly Banks.

Fisher Man: If I do all these things, what will happen after…

Business Man: You can form an Export Fishing Company and Export to the End of the World and be a Millionaire like me

Fisher Man: After becoming a millionaire, what happen after.

Business Man: You Fool.. Enjoy your retired life like me as I am enjoying on this Seashore for last one month.

Fisher Man:  You Fool.. That is what I am doing for the last 50 years of my life….

We run to search a better life in this World,  but in the quest of life we slide away from life and land in the wretched life of greed and selfishness.

How can we understand what is God’s Will in our life? We can understand God’s Will only through Jesus Christ, because he is the only person came from God who is begotten and made in Earth but made in Heaven. Jesus reveals us the purpose of Man on this Earth.  Jesus gives two Commandments to love God fully and love our Neighbour. Man must to do only these two things in his life as per Jesus revelation. Jesus himself came in this World and did these two very things in life. He could have invented some great things which we require in life but he did not because he knew all these things are there and available what we need is order of life and that is love. Jesus invented love on this Earth and taught us to love God and each other. He became an Example of love by washing the feet’s, Curing the sick, welcoming the left out, driving the demons, feeding the hungry, preaching the Kingdom of God and finally dying on the Cross for the Whole World.

In today’s Gospel Mary sits at Jesus feet to listen to him and Martha was busy in the preparation of the reception. God does not want anything from us but expects us to listen and do what he says… If Martha had sat and listened to Jesus and done things What Jesus wanted. then Martha would have received double points but she assumes many things in her mind like World thinks and busy in preparation and loses the main purpose of  Jesus coming to her house to meet her or communicate with her. We also lose our blessings by doing many things in our life. When We talk about many things, I am not talking about bad or Worldly things but good things. All humans are called to do a specific thing on this Earth and God communicates through our Vocation or Call of life. If we are made as a fisher man, let us be a faithful and loving fisherman and not dream to be a Spiderman.  God does not tell us to be  whole God on this Earth but he wants us to be his Children. God has a power to convert the whole of the World in to good in a fraction of time but wants his Children to Win the Victory through him as per his plan and his plan he communicates to us in our Vocation.  If we see Jonah in the first reading, Jonah runs away from God knowingly due to fear and of dismay. Jonah had not surrendered his life to the glory of God and still seeking self-glory and did not want to be insulted as false Prophet and  decided to live a quiet life without hurting anyone in life. Many people run away from God, these kind of people know that very bottom of their heart. I speak to some people who are these kind , they say We have God in our heart but we do not express  in our mouth. These people are like Jonah , they are good and do not harm anyone and live a quiet life far away from God’s Temple but God has spoken a particular mission to accomplish in their life and they do not want  to give up those very habits or idols in their life. These people always have ups and downs in their life and these are part of God’s calling or mercy reminding them of their real mission of life.


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