Evil spirit can be eradicated only through the Holy spirit of Love


Thursday of the 27th Week in Ordinary Time
October 12, 2017

Today’s Readings:

Malachi 3:13-20b
Ps 1:1-4, 6 (with Ps 40:5a)
Luke 11:5-13
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

You have said, “It is vain to serve God,
and what do we profit by keeping his command,
And going about in penitential dress
in awe of the LORD of hosts?
Rather must we call the proud blessed;
for indeed evildoers prosper,
and even tempt God with impunity.”

We see in today’s readings the necessity of God’s graces to human being in his journey of life. We often come across in our Society, Workplace, Families, Church about the Evil and injustice prevailing over Justice and good. The People of God who expect and pray to God to eradicate Evil from the Earth to establish the Kingdom of Peace & Love are disappointed and start losing faith in the existence of God and start living as per their Knowledge of good and Evil. This Category of people live a good life without the assistance or praying to any God. The no is growing day by day and the Faith in God has become an old fashion or in some modern developed Countries compared to superstition or foolishness or false belief.  Prophet Malachi’s time around 2500 years ago also had the same problem, in the first reading people murmur among themselves of the Prosperity of the Evil People in this World. If we read this Chapter God promises the destruction of these Evil people either in this Earth or after their death.

Why we cannot live a good life by our human intelligence and Knowledge? The World has been corrupted by the Evil force which is invisible spirit hiding behind every Evil activity or person. This Evil Spirit is the cause of all the rise of injustice and Evil in this World.  The Evil spirit is a Spirit and more powerful than human intelligence or education or Science or technology or Knowledge. This Evil Spirit can be eradicated only through a good spirit and this good Spirit comes from God alone. God has given his commandments & Holy Spirit to live with in the boundary of his graces and not to enter in to Evil Ways. If we possess the Spirit of God in us we can drive away the Evil Spirit through the Holy Spirit who dwell in us. Also, if we possess the spirit of love (Holy Spirit) we can defeat the Evil of injustice, and all kind of evils from our Society, Workplace, Families, Church and all over the World. Prayer is the best method to ask for the Holy Spirit from God who is the source of all goodness.

Prayer is a method to ask for favour of God or grace of God. Prayer is a sign of humbleness and surrender or subject to the Authority. The Proud or rebellious people cannot pray or humble down because they consider themselves as an authority and not the subject. Most of the People who have stopped believing in God’s grace or faith in God not because of increase in Evil but because they cannot humble down or subject before a Person whom they have not seen or experienced in their life.  But the fact is these people made themselves as God’s of this Earth by their own intelligence and Education and Knowledge and decided to fight the Evil. These people are fighting a battle with an invisible force called Evil in this World by their human intelligence and Knowledge. This is like fighting the Enemy who has a gun with an empty hand and is a utter foolishness and an act of Suicide or disaster. We see more than 40% divorces and Suicides coming from these Countries. Human Beings however advanced may be cannot defeat Evil by themselves but require the help from a good Spirit of Love. God’s love comes from the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, those who believe in him and ask him. This is the reason, why we need to believe God and seek his assistance to fight the Evil in our life. We cannot attain Love & forgiveness through Education or human intelligence but only by trusting Jesus Christ who is the Messiah who came in to this Earth to defeat the Satan who is the source of all Evil and give us a life in the Spirit of God. Those Who believe in Jesus as Christ, they are saved from the Evil Spirit and possess the Holy Spirit. The perfect love of God has poured in to our hearts only through Jesus Christ. Why Jesus Christ and not some other Ways of life? Evil can be defeated only through the Power of Love and forgiveness and Jesus Christ and Whole Bible is the testimony of God’s love and forgiveness. Jesus himself gave his life as a sacrifice of ultimate love and forgave his enemies. There is no alternate to Jesus Christ my friends, believe in his grace the Holy Spirit and we can be little God’s on this Earth to drive the Evil Spirits and love & forgive others by the power of the Holy Spirit.





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