Grace & Favor comes from God alone.


Friday of the 28th Week in Ordinary Time
October 20, 2017

Today’s Readings:

Romans 4:1-8
Ps 32:1b-2,5,11 (with 7)
Luke 12:1-7
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Are not five sparrows sold for two small coins?
Yet not one of them has escaped the notice of God.
Even the hairs of your head have all been counted.
Do not be afraid.
You are worth more than many sparrows.”


Today’s reading talk about man’s existence in the mercy & grace of God.  We see many people boasting of their achievements as an entrepreneur, Scholar, Bureaucrat, Politician, Artist, Scientist, Theologian, Philosopher so on. Now the successful man can take the credit of his achievement for himself or give the credit to God. The modern World does not recognise the power and control of God over the Creation but believe in the Work of their hands. St. Paul says if we take credit for the Work of our hands, it does not become the free gift from God, but it becomes the wages for our efforts. The Salvation cannot be earned through our efforts but is a free gift of grace and mercy of God. To receive this gift, we need to have a strong faith and hope in God. Faith is a trusting relationship with God. We are hoping the goodness to come from all things in our lives by  trusting in God the Creator of heaven and Earth.

We see people, now a day who have duplicate natures. They talk and act like good people, but their actions are not as per their talks or behaviour. We have many people of these kind in our Society. Some people call this behaviour as diplomatic or Shrewd, but it is not, this Character comes from the Evil. We can call these people sugar quoted or Wolfes in Sheep clothes. Bible says our talks must be only yes or no and anything else comes from the Evil. We see in our modern Society we want to be nice to each other and we adopt a strategy of I scratch your back and you scratch my back. The greetings of Hello. Good morning. praise the lord. Hallelujah… have become a stereo type of greetings o and do not mean nothing in our heart to most of us.

Why do we take credit for our Work and not a blessing from God? The Pride of boasting of our Works, make us Master of ourselves and we refuse the Lordship of God in our lives. Why do we act as good people when our actions are Evil? If we have to be really good, then our actions will be exposed and revealed to the Whole World and we do not want it to happen due to our Pride. A true follower of Christ is not scared of his Weaknesses to be exposed to the World and always grateful to God in whatever he does in his or her life.

Today’s readings assure us God’s favour, Providence and protection to every person who put their trust in God, even in extreme crisis of their life. God is the ultimate of our merit and reward. Why people cannot experience this because they do not put their faith in him and trust in his mercy & grace. This is a highest level of Science and technology which our youth of today must learn from the readings today.  Mother Theresa was once responded to a journalist question on one of the unsuccessful, rejected and opposed project of hers, I do not work for success, but I work in obedient to my Master who wants me to do the good work in all circumstances. This is a life beyond the World and comes through only in faith and from the gift of Holy Spirit. This is the life in the spirit which every individual of this earth must experience and live in their life. Jesus came in to this World to give us this life so that we are favoured by the Spirit of God. The spirit of God in our life keeps the count of every step of our life like a Father or Mother keeps a watch on a little Child. So, let us be dependents of God and become adults doing his Work of love and charity in this World. Taste & See his Power & Care. He is Sweet .. he cares for us all the time and all powerful and does not fail. He is faithful to his promises.


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