Prayer made through the Power of God reveals the Mysteries of the Creation and Heaven.

Tuesday of the 30th Week in Ordinary Time
October 31, 2017

Romans 8:18-25
Ps 126:1b-6
Luke 13:18-21
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth;
you have revealed to little ones the mysteries of the Kingdom.

Today’s readings tell us how to achieve the Kingdom of God or what has to be our attitudes to support it. The Kingdom of God is nothing but God’s Love or the Holy Spirit.  Man was created in Body, mind and Soul and the Holy Spirit was put in to Man’s Spirit and the entire body mind and Soul was controlled by the faculty of God’s love in our life. But when man disobeyed God the faculty or Capacity of God’s Love weakened, and man started to live as per body, mind and Soul without the Portion of God’s love. The God’s love was cut off from Human Spirit and death and corruption of Body, mind and Soul entered Man’s life. The Capacity to think in God’s way was disabled and Man became a nomad Wanderer like a hybrid animal on this Earth.  The original qualities of the animal arose within himself. This is the reason if we see in early History or in the time of Stone Age or in the story of Cain and Abel, People killed each other just for a Fitts of Anger or Jealousy or lust or gluttony. The animals still have the same tendency as these people. If we see in the World, still people have this tendency of Anger and killing and Violence. This is the clear sign that these people lack God’s Spirit in their Spirit or in their life and driven by the animal human fleshly spirit. People who are driven by this spirit are not able to forgive each other and the anger, Pride and Jealousy flares up and there is only one thing they want to take is revenge.

Jesus came in to this Earth to infuse the lost love of God (Holy Spirit) in the Human Spirit or Soul of every human being. The Salvation was awaited from the beginning of the Creation and the mysteries of the Kingdom of God were supposed to be revealed by Christ. Jesus Christ himself is the Mystery enfolded by the Father and the Holy Spirit. When Holy trinity dwell in our heart, the entire salvation is accomplished in that man. The faculty of God’s love starts flowing from that person’s life and he is controlled by the Power of the Holy Spirit or the love of God.  The first sign of these supernatural human beings are Fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Love, Joy, Peace, miracles, wonders, healing, deliverance flows from these individuals. The Servant nature, selfless love, forgiveness emerges from the heart of these people.  Humility, Prayer and hope become the tools of Warfare to overcome the fleshly nature and Evil.

The entire creation corrupted to decay through the disobedience of Man. So, the Whole Cosmos is not known to human due to the Sin full nature. When we accept Jesus in our life by the love of the Holy Trinity flowing through our mind, Body and Spirit reveal all the mysteries of Heaven and Even of the Whole of the Cosmos. Let Science try their level best to know the Creation or stop the Corruption or Sickness of the Creation with all technology or Science, it is like small Children trying to build a Bridge to the sea at the Sea shore. Human does not have the Capacity to understand the Mysteries of the Cosmos or of the Kingdom of God without the Trinitarian love in our lives. King Solomon asked for the understanding of the Heart and he was given the Holy Spirit the Wisdom of God and this Wisdom of God can reveal the mysteries of the Kingdom of God and of the Cosmos

I call upon all young and intelligent to invest your time and education to search this everlasting Wisdom on this Earth which far beyond than the riches or the Knowledge of this World and this Wisdom is everlasting and does not fade or decay. We see many Saints bodies are still incorrupt or non-decay, this is because of their inheritance of God’s love in their life and the science does not have an answer.

In the Gospel today Jesus says, Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed or like a yeast seed which is smallest of all grains but When Cultivated becomes the largest in Earth. Prayer is the small seed of the Faith and when we pray with our humbled heart, mighty miracles of God’s love manifests by making the impossible things in to possible which neither the medical Science or Human discipline or Intelligence can do in this World. Friends believe it or not the entire goodness in the World is the result of our little prayers. Jesus is inviting us to use these little prayers at every activity in our life. Prayer is nothing but humbling before God and acknowledging his Lordship and control over the situation in surrender. Friends please use this method, before starting any activity however small it may be offer it to the Lordship of Jesus and ask him to take control of the situation. Then you watch how he controls the situation in that area. We must pray every time, every place and every situation however small it may be or how Complicated or impossible it may look like, for God it is the same. We must not rely our ability because we do not have divine ability but human knowledge which is limited and laborious which does not bring peace but destress. God’s Wisdom and Power  brings everlasting Peace and Happiness. One day the whole World will come to know this truth and we will experience Heaven on this Earth. Let us pray to Jesus to hasten this  Salvation on this earth, come Lord Jesus Come…


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