Vision, Mission, Objective & Goal of a Christian

Wednesday of the 31st Week in Ordinary Time
November 8, 2017

Today’s Readings:

Romans 13:8-10
Ps 112:1b-2, 4-5, 9
Luke 14:25-33
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Today’s Readings can be Summarised in to following four Categories.






  1. Vision : Jesus : Jesus is the main Vision of the Readings of today. Now the life starts with the Gospel of Christ and ends with him. This is like a Circle, we start our life from one end and circle throughout life and end with him. The Process begins with the Gospel of repentance to experience his Salvation. We must come to him alone in prayer and the Sacrament of Eucharist to receive grace and mercy to live our life in love. We can not love our neighbour without the love of Jesus and we can not experience the Love of Jesus without the Gospel of reconciliation. This is the reason Jesus says , before you offer a sacrifice or prayer , reconcile with your brother and make peace and this Peace becomes the Prayer or Sacrifice itself before we offer it to Jesus.
  2. Mission : Love is the mission of the readings . We must love our neighbour in Jesus love. What is Jesus love? Jesus emptied himself completely till his last drop of blood. We must imitate his love and do the same . Love is the fulfilment of the Law and all Commandments. How we can do this in our life? When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Master . Jesus gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit and Holy Spirit bestows his fruits in the form of Love , Joy , Peace . This is purely a gift of love from Jesus to us so that we can love our brothers and sisters in his grace. We cannot love through our own efforts , this is the reason every individual requires Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit in his life. A true forgiveness can flow only from the Bosom of Jesus on the Cross. Many other religions have tried to serve the World and forgive the brethren but failed miserably. It is not possible because man does not have the capacity to love and forgive. These qualities are divine and can come only from above. The people who cannot love and forgive, they must first come to Jesus in complete surrender and repentance and pray for the gift of Holy Spirit, once the Holy Spirit comes in to our life , it is very easy to love and forgive through the power of God .


  1. Objective: It is very important to renounce the World and Self because our self and the World is not heavenly, but they are not fully Evil. They are creation of God but corrupted by the Evil due to sinfulness of the Human. We can change them heavenly when we become Holy and enjoy God’s fellowship. The entire Creation is groaning with the pain of Salvation due to the Sin of his Care taker human on this Earth. When Man Comes to God, the Creation with our bodies, mind and spirit will be relieved from Sin. This is the real meaning of Baptism. By renouncing the World and ourselves is to live in holiness by not living for this World or ourselves. Many People renounce the World and live in Celibacy due to this reason but it is not an requirement if a person has really experienced the love of God. We must keep our one eye on Jesus and the other Eye on the World and ourselves and this very Creation become holy due to our Holiness.


  1. Goal : The final motto of our life to become the Disciple of Jesus on this Earth. To become a Disciple of Jesus, we must carry our sufferings and difficulties and offer in to that Master Cross of Jesus. We cannot become the Disciple of Jesus without Christian suffering. Some preachers preach a wrong Gospel of prosperity in by relying in Jesus completely we can overcome all our suffering from this Earth but if we see. St. Paul and all apostles and Saints suffered a great deal of suffering and died for Jesus. Jesus says in today’s Gospel: Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple. Christian suffering is not a suffering, but it is a Sacrifice of love to our Master Jesus. We must live our sufferings in the grace of Christ and offer it to Jesus as a living Sacrifice of love, then these sufferings become sweeter than honey in our life. Sometimes the ecstasies of sufferings for Christ are much greater than the Ecstasies in Prayer and Worship in the Monasteries and contemplative life. Some people run from one place of Worship to another to end their sufferings and some Worship places act like the places to end the human sufferings of people by the power of Jesus but if we look at the Gospel of today the Christian sufferings are part of a Christian and it has to be taken as a ministry of love of Jesus and cannot end as long as we live in this Earth.   We cannot experience the power of resurrection in our Suffering without the pain of Suffering. If we reflect the Beatitudes of Jesus, we can have a rough idea of the life of a true disciple.  All our sufferings will end only when we reach in Heaven and rest in him. People who suffer the great must surrender their life in the Gospel of repentance to Jesus and ask for the Holy Spirit. By the grace of the Holy Spirit we can overcome the pain of our suffering. The suffering will remain, but they do not pain us or trouble any more in our life. This is called the grace of the Holy Spirit. It is like a Pain Killer in our body pain, now the cause of pain or difficulty exist but the pain killer relieves our pain and we are relieved from the pain of suffering for the love , mercy and grace of Jesus. Jesus love supersedes the sufferings and sufferings are made inactive or null and void.





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