Advent is a time to recover our lost glory and live in his presence.


1st December – 2017

First Sunday of Advent:


Be watchful! Be alert!

Today’s readings call us to be holy and acceptable to God in every moment of our life. There is no disobedience or a thought of negativity in Gods Kingdom. St. Paul says to grow in fullness of Christ with all spiritual gifts and Knowledge of the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. In our spiritual journey, Jesus is the destination. Once we are revealed with the love of Jesus, then we become like him on this Earth.  The revelation of Jesus or we cannot see Jesus, if we are sinful or unholy. Church gives us a sacrament of Reconciliation to purge our sinfulness in repentance. Repentance is the first step to the Kingdom of God.  Once we are with the Holy Spirit , he bestows all the gifts and graces to see Jesus as he is. Jesus not a historical figure or a prophet or a man with Wisdom and Knowledge  but he is the destiny of every human being. The transformation experience in our life  in every moment  is each step taken in the Kingdom of God.

How we can be Holy and acceptable to God all the time? We must watch and pray and live a humble God centred life. Prayer is a Vitamin of Graces and humbleness is the supplement of spiritual strength which make sin proof or sin resistance. Though we are all around Sin, the grace of Christ protects us and keeps us away and resists the Sin from entering our life.

Advent for Christians is a time of preparation of his coming in our life either for the first time or daily in our life.  When we prepare fully, the King of glory will rise and reveal himself to us. Christmas is a milestone set by the Church, in remembrance of his first revelation as a human Jesus but in advent Jesus reveals himself who seek him in holiness. Faith becomes the anchor or steering of our life and love shows the way in darkness. We need to be in grace all the time so that we may feel his presence all the time in prayer and love. The gift of advent is the revelation of Jesus. There is gift other than Jesus in advent or Christmas. All other gifts are signs of Jesus love but not Jesus himself. Let us treasure hunt Jesus in this Advent journey with the help of word of God, Prayer, fasting, almsgiving, repentance and forgiveness and all the mysteries of the Kingdom of God will be revealed to us in the season of Advent and Christmas. Jesus the prince of Peace will give that peace and Joy in our heart which we never experienced before.






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