Easter – Christian Passover – Eucharist


Christ is Risen from the dead, dying he conquered death: to the dead, he has given new life. Alleluia.


Darwin died Stephen Hawking died and buried and their bodies were perished and disappeared with no trace at all. These men were considered as great Scientists and intellect people with Human Wisdom.

No Scientist or Philosopher has given a theory on human death or to control death or to live for ever. The History has proven a man called Jesus spoke about death while living, raised the dead people, instituted a Sacrament of his own death and resurrection before his death as a memorial, prophesied about his death and resurrection, practically died on the Cross and rose again on the third as he had spoken about his death and resurrection. He appeared to hundreds of people in his divine human body, gave a formula to the Whole World: how to live eternally and not die and live for ever, promised the descending of the Holy spirit, formed the Christian Church by the power and super natural intervention of the holy spirit. After doing all these things in word and deed , the people of our generations are dying a death of an animal, perished and disappeared in the mass of the earth.

Death is the most difficult subject on todays date because our existence, our living, our moral values, our life styles depend upon the fear of death. The final or extreme fear of a human is death .However intellect or brave or darer human may be,  human is scared of death. Science , Darwin , Stephen Hawking may make sense today but not tomorrow or in the future. These people have seen partial reality of a scene and spoken of that reality. The half truth is not truth at all, if we see the  full picture of the reality  we can understand the foolishness of these people. Science is changing its reality every day, different scientists proving the previous theories as wrong and give a new theory and this rat race of theories will go on till the reality is known to the Whole world. The reality can be made known only by God himself who knows the whole truth. Jesus came down from Heaven and revealed the mysteries of the Kingdom of God and how to live for ever by destroying the death caused by sin of Human intelligence and knowledge and resurrected with a divine Body and instituted the Eucharist of love of God and one another.

Jesus is the Scientist of the Scientists who spoke about the cause of death the Sin , proclaimed the moral Science the gospel of complete truth, gave us a formula to overcome the Sin by in his death & resurrection and be united to his Victorious divine spirit and live for ever without perish or die. Moral Science is above Worldly Science and supernatural. Jesus gave us this moral Science the Gospel so we may not perish after death but live forever. Christian physical death is dying with Jesus Spirit and has proven by many saints through their holy and obedience to God’s Will  or life in the spirit of Christ. The miracles and uncorrupted bodies of the saints , repeated appearance of Mother Mary who did the Will of the Father and united with her Son Jesus are testimonies which prove that by trusting Jesus man does not die but lives for ever.

Easter is the day of Christian Passover and Eucharist is the sacrament to rekindle the spark of God’s power of resurrection. Every time we attend the Eucharist we rekindle the fire of our trust & charity of Christ. Also, we gear up to spread this fire to the whole World.  Today is a day of victory over Sin and death so let us celebrate this occasion with love & charity and not in drunkenness and with the Worldly pleasures of lust and gluttony. Easter People are faith filled confident people who do not trust in the pleasures and foolish knowledge of the World but live for the Kingdom of God the Peace, love, joy, self-control, forgiveness, meekness, humbleness and gentleness, charity & prayer. Wish you all day of transformation and new life in Jesus the Easter.




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