Jesus reveals himself to those who believe and act on his Words

Monday of the 5th Week of Easter
April 30, 2018

Acts 14:5-18
Ps 115:1-4, 15-16
John 14:21-26
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:


The Holy Spirit will teach you everything
and remind you of all I told you.

In today’s readings Jesus tells his disciples the complete revelation of his Salvation plan. St. Jude puts very important question of what do you mean by saying you will reveal to us not to the World? Jesus makes it very clear that Whoever believes in him keeps his Commandments and the Father, Son and Holy spirit will dwell in those people.

The salvation is not just not believing in Jesus as our Lord and Saviour in Words but also to keep the commandments of Jesus. Now a days we see many preachers and evangelists preach the repentance and profession of the Faith in Jesus name in the Congregation of the faithful people or in the Liturgy of Sacraments but fail to complete this repentance and faith in action in their life. I spoke to one of the known international preacher about shepherding people in the Community in their day today life, she said shepherding Community of people who have accepted Jesus in their life is very difficult task and only some matured people can do it.

Jesus, the Apostles, St Paul, the saints did not preach the Gospel just in words but took people to reality and thus ministries emerged, and Christian Communities came in to existence. God dwells in the Community or the Church of the people of God. Jesus hands over the mission of Salvation to Holy spirit the love of God the Father. The ascending of Jesus to Heaven and descending of the Holy spirit from the Father is one-time activity of the holy Trinity. The Salvation plan is the mystery of the Father, Son and the Holy spirit.  This mystery keeps the Devil away from any harm to the People of God. This is the beauty of the Catholic faith. If any doctrine denies any person of the trinity or gives more importance to the other, that doctrine or that denomination cannot attain the complete salvation of God and an easy target to the Satan and his works. God loves the World but does not recognise the world, Jesus introduces the World to the Father and all these Workings are carried out trough the Spirit of truth the Holy Spirit the love of God. When we repent for our Sins and accept Jesus as our Saviour and Master in action, Jesus opens our heart to the love of the Father the Holy spirit and the triune God dwell in our Souls.

Today let us ask ourselves, do I possess the Spirit of God in my life? If we say yes, then the check point is, do I live the life of the Holy Trinity the love of God. God’s love is forgiving, not jealous, do not keep anger, not proud but humble, not greedy but generous, not in the rat race of success of this World but content and happy in all situations of life. This list will go on and on till we realise the real salvation of Jesus in our life. We must keep the Holy Spirit in our life all the time and if we fail to keep and fall, church gives us Sacraments to purify our souls every day and live a life of Holiness. This holiness will attract people to Jesus and just like St. Paul in the first readings heals a person who is crippled from birth, the Holy spirit will work through our life to complete the Salvation through and in us. The sooner the World accept Jesus and follow on his values, the kingdom of God and second coming of Jesus is hastened in this World. If we do not cooperate with the Holy spirit by not living a life of holiness and pass on that Holiness to others we delay the Salvation on this Earth and stop the Salvation to our children and the next generation.


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