Gospel has been blinded by Evil through the life style of this World.

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 16, 2018

Today’s Readings:

Isaiah 50:5-9a
Ps 116:1-6, 8-9
James 2:14-18
Mark 8:27-35
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do.”

Today’s reading gives us an insight of God’s Way. God’s ways are not in ascending order but are in descending order of human life. This is the reason Christianity is called a 180 degree U turn from our Worldly or human life. For example, if I have a House to live, we must live like homeless person or if we have a Job to earn our daily bread, we must live like a jobless person.  Jesus did this in his life, though he was God and Creator of human kind he became a slave and suffered as a Criminal torture and died a death of a Criminal.

In the Jewish traditions the Messiah was imagined as a Human King who will deliver the chosen people of Israel from their enemies. Peter had this thought in his mind but Jesus rebukes Peter from his Evil mind. The Evil  or Satan blinds people in their Worldly & human ways so that the Salvation and Gospel is misunderstood in to Human or Worldly ways.

In the Contemporary World we live the Gospel as per our conveniences and interpret the Word of God as per the present situation.  In today’s Gospel Jesus says to take up our daily Crosses of suffering and follow him ,but we follow Jesus not to suffer but to run away from the suffering . Jesus is not an Aladdin Genie who turns the situation by chanting Tak Dina Din our prayer offers but Jesus gives us the gift of Faith , the Beatitudes and a faithful People of God ( Holy spirit) to  live a Godly way of sufferings and produce the fruits of love , Joy & Peace in our life through his grace. Jesus came to this World to teach us what God does & thinks, the Gospel of servant King, but we think as Human Beings do in Human prosperity and power.

The Evil had blinded the Law in the old testament but in today’s World Satan has blinded the Gospel to Worldly or human ways. We must understand the essence of Gospel & Christianity. We must imitate the early Church who shared and cared for the poor and professed their faith in action in line with the Word of God. In the modern World we can take the example of Mother Theresa who is a real witness to our faith. Let us get inspired with the life of these saints who lived the Gospel and died for the Gospel of Christ and live the life early Christians where the Church grew in numbers and charity.

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