God Provides Abundantly for those who pray in clean heart.

A Reflection for:

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 23, 2018

Today’s Readings:

Wisdom 2:12, 17-20
Ps 54:3-6, 8
James 3:16–4:3
Mark 9:30-37
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

God has called us through the Gospel
to possess the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Today’s readings point out to a life of true life in humility.  The mysteries of the kingdom of God are revealed only to those who are poor in Spirit.  Jesus teaches to the Disciples, the discipleship of Jesus of not accumulating Worldly Wisdom but spiritual Wisdom. What is Worldly Wisdom and Spiritual Wisdom. To test the Wisdom or inspirations or Spirit from spiritual or unspiritual we must see the intentions or fruits these Wisdom. The fruits of Worldly Wisdom are temporary /perishable / Materialistic /Evil, but the fruits of spiritual Wisdom are Permanent/Unperishable/eternal and from God.

The Church beautifully mixes the ingredients of the Scriptures together of the Old testament, Gospel and the teachings of the Early churches and gives us a tasty spiritual dish of  following stages .

  1. Intentions
  2. Actions
  3. Strategy
  4. Goal


  1. Intentions: The Book of Wisdom speaks about the wicked intention of Man. Wicked people who are liars/Murderers/Lustful- Angry – Lazy people always want to be in war with peaceful & truthful people. A drunkard can not make a Holy Man an idol of his life, but he will make man who is more drunkard than him who was successful in his life. A local Mafia always wants to be National Mafia but does not dream of becoming a Social worker. If at all if he pretends as a Social Worker , his intention is to threaten and kill. In the same way we must recognise our intentions of life. Do we hate goodness around us by  Anger/lies/Lust/Pride /Laziness  or support the goodness around us. How to evaluate our intentions are from God or from Evil? The next step explains the intentions of our life.
  2. Actions:

Actions can not be hidden from our life. A good tree bears a good fruit, but a bad tree produces thorns and thistles. We may act like good people in the first stage but our actions can not be hidden from our life. These actions are revealed during the Harvest time only. We see some people appear as holy then suddenly we come across some dreadful news about these people and we are shocked hear to these things. If our intentions are wrong and Evil, they produce a harvest of evil. St. James clearly indicates the actions of humans which stops them to accept the glory of the Kingdom of God. An unspiritual Worldly Person can not see the true Wisdom of God. This applies even to the Scriptural Pandits and religious who have gained the Scriptural knowledge but not changed their life according to the Gospel truths. This is the reason we can see many Scandals in the Churches today.

  1. Strategy :

Jesus in the Gospel do not condemn the disciples who are Worldly but teaches them the Beatitudes and gives them a strategy to receive the true Wisdom of God. Pride & Selfishness are the main blocks to Human kind which leads to all the other Vices of the Evil. We can translate these Sins to Power & Money in todays World. If we renounce money, name & fame as a follower of Christ, then we can say that we are truly in the Kingdom of God. Jesus points out to a Child because Child does not possess a status or independence but always dependent & relies on others. If we make our Father a guardian and act like a child by renouncing the pride & selfishness and ask in prayer whatever which produce good fruits of peace ,righteousness , joy in our life , the good God will give much more than what we ask in his name.

  1. Goal :

Jesus was always merciful and showed mercy to the poor and downtrodden. Jesus has given us this commandment of love and he wants us to welcome every poor & Weak person on this earth starting from our families, friends, Work Colleagues, Neighbours, Enemies to love in Jesus name. Whoever does these things welcomes Jesus in his life and in turn welcome the trinitarian God in their life. This is  Heaven on this Earth. The people of this attitude need not to wait for another Heaven above, but the stage of Heaven has already begun on this Earth. Mother Theresa lived a life of this poverty and self-denial and named as living saint in this selfish and Contemporary World.



Let us evaluate on this day of Resting with God, our life and repent for our Weaknesses and go for a sincere confession and decide to live a life of self-denial and charity. Sometimes we think the consequences of self-denial but friends taste and see our Lord is always faithful and provides abundantly, much more than we need , we see small temporary things but God sees ahead and as a whole and provides us permanent things.



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