Our entire life is a mission of Christ.

A Reflection for:

Thursday of the 26th Week of Ordinary Time
Memorial of Saint Francis of Assisi
October 4, 2018

Today’s Readings:

Job 19:21-27
Ps 27:7-9, 13-14
Luke 10:1-12
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Jesus appointed seventy-two other disciples
whom he sent ahead of him in pairs
to every town and place he intended to visit.

Today’s readings focus on the Christian Vocation and formation of the God’s Kingdom upon this Earth. Jesus begins his Work by choosing the twelve apostles and extends it by appointing Seventy-Two disciples.

God appoints every Christian by Baptism and through his personal revelation. Jesus gives different Christian missions to his followers, like Family life, Priesthood, Single for the Lord. Every vocation has a Christian mission at the centre. All Christians are appointed and sent forth to witness the Gospel and pass on the Gospel to the next generation. Many Christian families follow Christ in Prayer and Sacraments but very few become the witness and pass on the Gospel to others. In our families if we pray but do not follow the Christian life then we cannot witness the Gospel to our children. If at all we pressurise them to follow the Church, they refuse and drift away from the Church , not because they do not like the Gospel or Church teachings but they hate the Hypocrisy of their parents. The same applies to the Priests, Evangelisers and so on. The family or the Church must be a place of witness to Charity, love & Peace. If we have these virtues in our life the Spirit of God lives in our lives.

Jesus sends two by two (a pair) to evangelise. A couple or a Community of religious always live together for support, Witness to the Gospel and share the love in action. In the modern World people are living a single life like single parents, Single Children living without parents and a community. This is very dangerous for a true Christian life. They completely miss the support from each other, cannot stand alone or witness to the truth and most important is can not share the love and purify our lives and live a life of the Gospel. We see many Husbands or wives away from families for years to earn their daily bread and better life. Christianity is not about better life or prosperity but a life of love & peace. How many people increased love, Peace and happiness by accumulating Wealth and Worldly prosperity and the answer is Minus100%. People have lost complete Love & peace by searching peace in the Worldly Prosperity.

Today even the Priests are isolated and live a life of singles without the Community. This is the reason we see many scandals happening among the Priests of the Parishes compared to priests and religious live in the Community. Jesus always lived and taught a life of people living together.

In the teachings today, we see the Commitment of stability, Jesus says to stay at one place and do not run from one place to the other for better life. We see people migrating for materialism , leaving their native places . Jesus says in the gospel whatever you have for your daily bread be content or satisfied with that because our main vision of life is not Prosperity or Worldly success but to become the people of love & peace.

We have arguments saying in today’s World it is very difficult to live a life on Christian values. Jesus clearly says in the Gospel today I am sending you lambs among Wolves. Lambs are inferior in strength  than of the Wolves. Wolves devour Lambs. We must witness these Wolves and create God’s Kingdom where Lambs & Wolves can live together. If any Wolfe do not accept our Gospel of peace, we need not to break our head but go ahead with our mission to the others because the Harvest is huge in numbers. If some one is against the Gospel of truth that means that person deny the light and prefer the darkness in their life. On the judgement day our witness to the Gospel will stand against their justification saying : When did you visit us and the Lord will says whatever you did one of the least of these brothers or Sisters , you did it to me.

Mother Theresa chose this Vocation of love and quit the life of the Convent life of luxury and embraced the life of Poverty and Witnessed Gospel among the Slum dwellers. St. Francis Assisi did this by renouncing his Fathers Wealth.



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