God the Father reveals himself through Jesus & Holy spirit for all those seek him in child like faith & actions.

Prayer Reflections for October 6 2018

Job 42:1-3, 5-6, 12-17
Psalm 119: 66, 71, 75, 91, 125, 130
Luke 10:17-24

Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth,
you have revealed to little ones the mysteries of the Kingdom.

I feel so much excited and encouraged on the readings of today which explain our purpose of life on this Earth. God can not be understood or experienced in human Wisdom or Knowledge unless someone reveals to him face to face. Christ cannot be followed without understanding or experiencing his Gospel. The Holy spirit cannot be felt unless someone makes Jesus as the centre of their life.

Job in the first reading tries to justify himself to God for the afflictions or sufferings which he does not deserve. His freinds  Blaspheme against God and encourage him to curse God but Job stands firm in his faith in Prosperity and afflictions. In the old testament and olden traditions people took sickness, poverty as consequences of Sin. Job was challenged with this argument and trial. God’s ways and mind is a mystery and no person on this earth can understand his Ways. Jesus reveals this mystery of God to the simple people who kept their heart and mind to the Holy spirit. The Holy spirit is the revelation of God to his people.

We can not receive the Holy spirit without faith. When we believe in Jesus ways and in God’s ways without any doubt or reasoning God or Jesus reveals the mystery of God the Holy spirit. This revelation can not be experienced by any Scriptural/theological studies or by our good works or by living a disciplined life. When we trust in the Gospel the good news, God reveals himself to his people. We must be humble like Children to receive this Gospel, sometimes we must act like stupid or poor or humiliated for the Gospel but must trust in Jesus in thanksgiving in all circumstances. When we do this Jesus reveals his third person of the Holy spirit to us. The Holy spirit comes and dwells in our life, so our life does not remain the same but gets transformed and guided by him. When we live the life of the Spirit of God we are on the way to eternal life. This guidance does not contradict the Word of God or Church teachings. When we are possessed by the Holy Spirit we have God with us and all his fruits, Gifts and God’s life itself lives in us. We can do things what God can do in our lives. Our lives reflect God’s ways in this World. The Evil obey our orders in Jesus name, gift of intercession, healing, miracles, faith, Prophesy  and Jesus himself lives in us.

We must discern the right Spirits in our lives, some evangelisers use gospel for Worldly Prosperity. God blesses us with wealth and Prosperity as gifts but there is a difference between the Prosperity comes from God and the Prosperity acquired through our selfishness and Evil. The Prosperity comes from God is miraculous and not planned or targeted but happens by itself, but the Prosperity of the World can be measured or forecasted by people. God given blessings are understood after we receive them. These blessings are always answering to Christian prayers and Christian life. These blessings can come to individuals, Communities, Companies, Societies, Nations who trust and live on Christian values. These Blessing or Prosperity cannot be stolen or taken away or can fluctuate without the permission of God. The Selfish and Evil wealth is temporary and takes people away from God and brings destruction in families, Companies, Society and Nations. The only one way of understanding different prosperity is our values of life. If our values of life are selfish and Evil, then the prosperity is not from God. The Worldly or Evil Prosperity always does not bring peace, a person may become richest person of the World, but he cannot be peaceful or happy.

If we are God believing people, we must take all goodness & Sufferings from the hands of God like Job in the first reading. God knows better our lives than we ourselves and take care of us like small children. Let us humble ourselves to the Gospel truth and believe in this truth hundred percent and God’s Power , God’s Prosperity, God’s purification or discipline will come to us in the form of Holy Spirit who gives us Love . Joy , Peace the Kingdom of God on this earth.






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