Today’s Readings:

Galatians 4:22-24,26-27,31–5:1
Psalm 113:1b-7
Luke 11:29-32
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Jesus is the Last & final Revelation of God

We see in today’s readings people wait on God to reveal the promised plan of God in their life. Abraham the Father of Faith waited for the promise of his Son but due to the reality of life, he confused with the plan of God and embraced the reality of life. God’s workings in our life cannot be seen or measured or forecasted or even felt in feelings because God’s Works are mysterious and can not be grasped by human mind. If someone tries to figure them and call them or name them, he is a fool and makes great mistake in his or her life because God’s plan or promise can be seen in trust and waiting upon him in his time and not our time. God’s plan cannot be demanded or reasoned or realised by its context.

God knew this problem of human mind and he himself revealed to the mankind and gave us the final revelation of his Word, Deed and his own body & Blood. The Church or People of God is the reality of the presence of God in today’s World, but we look for God’s presence in this Worldly matters and Worldly reality. The traditions of the Church are a passing reality of Christ in this World so any signs including the signs of the End of the World does not matter or reveal anything extra in the revelation of God’s truth in this World because the complete truth of the Gospel has been already revealed through Jesus Christ.

We just need to believe in the Promises of the Gospel and follow, spread this Gospel to the ends of the Earth because there is Salvation only in the Gospel of Christ. All the religions of this earth including its founder must accept the Gospel to rest in God’s presence. All the religions including Judaism & Islam must accept God’s Promised Messiah Jesus on this Earth because self-revelation or self-understanding of the promises of God can lead many Ishmael’s on this Earth and these Ishmaels cannot fulfil plan of God and bring the obstacle to the Kingdom of God on this Earth .How many of us read the Gospel of Christ and study daily and understand the truth and live in the light of the Gospel. We run from one place to the other to seek peace and happiness, but the real happiness and peace lies in the Words of the revelation of Christ the Gospel which is right under our nose bound in a book called Bible. Today let us take a decision to reflect the Gospel of repentance and these reflections will reveal the plan and mysteries of the Kingdom of God in our life.

Gospel of Christ is humble and gentle and accepts everyone, he forgives everyone, he loves everyone, he gives his last drop of the blood to save the poor and lost, he is seated at the right hand of the Father & intercedes for the Whole World. The Gospel of Christ is Christ himself. If any human does not accept this kind of Gospel of love and truth and embraces other Worldly truths revealed by Human revelations, then this person is refusing the light of the Gospel and wants to live in the darkness of human revelation.  God has chosen every Christian to understand the Gospel and live and proclaim this Gospel by witnessing to all our other Brothers and Sisters who have not experienced the love of the Gospel. There is a great urgency to live the Gospel and proclaim it to the ends of the World. May God reveal the light of the Gospel to your hearts. God Bless you…..


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