As we see Church attendance is decreasing and online spiritual activities are increasing .. is introducing a 33 days advent encounter retreat to make Christmas a meaningful and a reality by making Jesus the centre of our life. This Course has been designed specially for people who are on  their busy Schedule seeking their daily bread  and for people who do not have time to think about their spiritual growth. Also, this is a good inspiration to our youth to understand Who Jesus in their life. The Course will have Visual , Audio and written Reflections which are very exciting and inspirational & easily listened on our earphone or seen on video or read in script.

The main Objective of this Course is one to one relationship with Jesus and What is Jesus to us in this Contemporary World. The Course will challenge our daily walk with Jesus and will give us an answer why Jesus the only way to Eternal Life.

The Following Themes are covered in this Course

  1. Creator & Creation
  2. Creator & Human Being
  3. Natural Law
  4. Heaven & Earth
  5. Plan of Salvation
  6. Love & Satan
  7. Sin & Disobedience
  8. Man’s Journey of Salvation
  9. Prophets, Kings & Priests of God.
  10. Chosen Generation
  1. Faith & Love
  2. Ten Commandments
  3. Prophecy & Discipline
  4. Mary & Joseph
  5. Incarnation of God’s Word
  6. Life of Jesus
  1. Repentance & Proclamation of the Kingdom of God
  2. Miracles of Jesus and the Purpose.
  3. Beatitudes of Jesus
  4. Apostles & Discipleship of Jesus
  1. Parables of Jesus
  2. Authority of Jesus
  3. Eucharist the bread of life.
  1. Jesus Passion & death on the Cross
  2. Resurrection of Jesus
  1. Resurrected Jesus in Spiritual Human Body & Ascension.
  2. Pentecost the manifestation of God’s Spirit.
  1. Early Church & Works of the Holy spirit
  2. Paul & Peter Apostles of Jesus
  1. The Word of God- Gospels
  2. Christian Faith
  3. Christian Love
  4. Christian Eternal life & Death of Souls.

The above Themes are only the drivers or signs to the Course, but real teachings are the Works of the Holy spirit to a Contemporary World of 2018. As these teachings are actions of the Holy Spirit, the person who is attending this Course will be taught and guided by the holy Spirit on that day of the theme and all the mysteries of God will be revealed in their life. As we unveil the Events or steps in the form of Text or Audio or Video and make things simpler, it is your job to apply these teaching or guidance in your life in faith & love. The teachings are always over all or general in nature but when you apply in your own life, the Words of God become a reality in your life. The teachings are based on Catholic Church but many of the practical works of the Holy Spirit is based upon the teachings of Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

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