CREATOR & CREATION 

 Ephesians 1:4 -For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love.

God is love and Almighty and can be reached out only with one to one personal relationship which is called Faith.  God is not a myth or a magic, but a supernatural power called love always lives with in the Human Beings. God is not living in the third Heaven but within the Community of People the Church. The Picture of heaven in the Visions is a foretaste of New Heaven to come un to us. All souls in Purgatory and saints live in the presence of God which we call Heaven, life after death.


The Scriptures or the Word of God the Bible is the collection of experiences of People of God who have experienced God in their normal life and made a difference in the World. The Scriptures are only the testimonies of people of God who have tried to explain how God felt or can be experienced in our life. When we meditate these experiences and make these experiences our own experiences, we make the Works of God once again alive and active in our life.


The Scriptures are the only records we can study and understand the creator and Creation. The Scientists, Philosophers and Theologians give only speculations or theories which are not hundred percent accurate or proved because no one can go to the past and speculate the things which are felt only through Human relationship and experience. God can not be experimented through Physics or speculated his behaviour through Philosophy or understand his moral ways by Theology because God is beyond the reach of Human Intelligence and can be understood by one to one relationship.


As per the Scriptures, in the beginning millions of years ago there was Chaos and darkness in the Nothingness and the Spirit of God was hovering above the darkness.  God spoke and dispelled the darkness and Chaos of this nothingness and Created the Universe. God saw that all things of the Creation are good and blessed them.


Creation is the gift of love from the Father to his chosen People. This gift was created by him through his Word – Jesus and working of the Holy spirit. The Holy Trinity was fully involved in the foundation or construction of the Creation.


The purpose of Creation is Salvation. The word of God says the Salvation was planned by God before the foundation of the Creation. The Creation is the beginning of the salvation work and Human was the Key figure in the Salvation history who was created in the image of God.


As per my reflection Heaven must have corrupted due to the rebellion of Lucifer and one third of the Angels and God wanted to create a New Heaven through his Son Jesus Christ and Holy spirit. Human Beings were created as God’s own Sons so that they may over come the Evil of this World who were thrown down from heaven and living in the place of nothingness of Darkness. Also God wanted his sons to fight the Evil and be holy as he is holy so that in the New Heaven to come there is no repetition to rebellion or evil craving as it was in the Old Heaven.


The plan of Salvation was the plan of eternity.  Lucifer and his angels are the Creation of God and must subject to him in all their activities so evil need not to be feared in our life if God is within us. God is Omnipotent and infinite, so God does not have any limit to time, space or circumstances. As per my reflection God views the entire universe from the Beginning of the Creation till the end of Creation in one glance just like we see a scenery in a painting or a Trailer on a TV.

God is able reroute our lost destination and lead us to the write destination just like an Electronic Navigation system. There is no hurry in reaching the destination but what is important is we follow the reroute and reach the right destination sooner or later. The time does not matter but walking with our Master what matters and we will reach the destination if we trust him without any doubt.


When we reflect upon the love of God in our life through Scriptures & Sacraments, the mysteries of the Kingdom of God are revealed to us and we can go to the past before the Creation of the World and even to the end of Creation. When we unite with God, we can access the Wisdom and Power of God and kingdom which teaches us everything of the Past, present and the future.


If we want to discover God, we need to do only one thing to build a relationship with him and meditate on his Works through the Word of God and Traditions of the Church and live a life according to the Works of the Holy spirit. God has not spoken to his people only through Bible or through Church but speaks to us every moment of our life. This life is called life in the Spirit of God. This is the purpose of the Creation. God even speaks through the Creation, through its goodness.


When Calamities, famine or sickness strike the Creation we must ask the Creator, Lord what is wrong in the Creation which was created good and with your blessing and the Lord will answer us to repent or change and be united to him in faith and love. God is all powerful and very close to us and there is nothing impossible for God, have full faith in God and be right with God and live a life in abundance and in the full Glory of God.








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