CREATOR & Human Being

As per the Scriptures, man was created in God’s image and God created them Male & Female. God made all things through his two arms called Word -Jesus and Spirit- Holy spirit.  First Man was made in the image of Father, Son and the Holy spirit. Adam the first man was resembled Father, Son and the Holy spirit. God stamped his soul in to man as a mark of his inheritance. Thus, first man was a Divine Human Being. God put all things of this World under his stewardship so that through the Creation Man may give glory to God.

God wanted to manifest his glory upon Human Beings and thus he made humans in his own image. Man has a Soul and Body. The body was made from the dust of this Earth and God breathed the Holy spirit in to the nostrils of Adam and made the Human Soul a spirit filled soul.

As per my reflection all God’s Work has been challenged by the Evil forces since Devil is against God’s works and preferred to live in darkness without the light of God. God takes this challenge and puts Man in the Garden of Eden to be tempted by the Devil.

St. Paul speaks of the fallen nature of Adam and not of the original form of Adam who was created in the image of God. God made Man & Woman in his image and likeness. The sexual orientation did not exist before God made Woman.  God formed the Sacrament of Marriage by creating Woman from the ribs of Man and became the first priest to bless this marriage of procreation.  Adams exclamation of “Bone of my Bone and flesh of my flesh “when he looked at Eve for the first time, was the love at first sight and first love song of the Creation.

God did not make one more man and put beside Adam when he was feeling lonely but gave him a Woman and thus sexual orientation came in to being. This is the reason the Scriptures says what God has united man does not have any right to divide or modify or amend.

God knows all the Challenges, Man has from the Creation till the end of the Earth and always present beside every soul at every moment of their life because this journey of Salvation does not only belong to Man but began with God and his love for his own Children the Human Beings. God calls every human being to cooperate with him by obeying him & love him.  Man owns the Whole World as a gift of the loving Father, so we need to be thankful for everything to God. When Man forgets the glory of God and follows the Creation, he misses the target and sins against his own Creator and distances himself from God his Creator.



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