Romans 2:14–15

1For when Gentiles, who do not have the law, by nature do what the law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law. 15 They show that the work of the law is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness, and their conflicting thoughts accuse or even excuse them.

Today’s Subject of Natural Law is of more of Philosophical & Theological in argument. But as we go through our spiritual journey from the creation, it is very important to understand the original nature of man. When Human Being was created, God stamped his image in to Human which is called Human Spirit. The image of God was downloaded in to the Conscience of Human and Human became a Divine human being which gave him mastery over other animals and creation. Thus, human could reason his activities through the inspiration of the human spirit called Conscience.  The nature of God was resembled in human and was not accessed to shame, guilt or vices of Evil. Human was in full communion with God because Human was created in the image or Characters of God.

This Natural Law remained suppressed in human despite of non-Communion with God or living a life against its inspiration of the Human Spirit.  We have question in our mind, how come sinners and people who do not believe God are able to identify the difference between good and bad.  Also, how these people are successful and after they die where their Soul will reach… All people have the same creator, but due to the confusion in the journey of life some have either completely forgotten the Creator Consciously but in their Unconscious Spirit, the inherited Spirit of the image of God lives in each Human. This image of God may suppress from different beliefs, cultures, civilisations or self-intelligence but the voice of the Conscience prompts every person when he or she goes against the nature of God. This Voice is the evidence of the presence of God in their life and an evidence on the last day when people will be judged for the good and bad.  The people who have not accepted Jesus in their life will be judged as per this standard of this Natural Law.  There will not be grace of Salvation available to these souls and they must advocate themselves in front of throne of Justice.  There will be Evil advocates claiming these souls and they will too accuse to these souls for not accepting the light of the Gospel.   The same applies to so called Christians who have not lived their life as per the light of the Gospel and not availed the grace of the Holy spirit. When we reject the Holy spirit and prefer to live a life in our own understanding, we are subject to Natural Law.

When Civil Authorities or Governments or Corporates reject the voice of the Natural Law and follow the Majority of the World, they go against the Natural Law and God. When a Man or Woman goes against the voice of the Conscience, they lose the reasoning and superiority over the creation and live like a modern animal. Their instinct, emotions, thoughts turn in to like an animal. When Country or Society go against the grace of the Natural Law, they bring the curse of the absence of grace in their lives and in the life of next generation. This is the exact definition for ancestral Curse. Accepting Jesus as Lord and Master removes this Curse and once again the grace of Salvation enters in to the family.  Many people suffer due to complete absence of God’s grace in their life for no fault of theirs but this is the way the Creation works in absence of God and God makes every effort through Church, Prophets, Evangelisers, Circumstances to reach out to these people and fill them with grace.









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