The Earth is the beginning of the Journey to Heaven and Heaven is the destination of our journey. This journey starts with the creation and ends with the encounter and life with Jesus and his Spirit. The director and Creator of this journey of life is God himself.  God creates the Earth and puts man with in his own image and the race of faith begins on this Earth.

The Earth is the platform to a spiritual World called Heaven. God wants to convert this Visible World to the invisible World Heaven. This is the plan of Salvation, the visible platform of creation the Earth with Human Beings await to meets its Creator in the form of Creation, Jesus Christ.  In short, the Heaven represent the invisible Spirit called God and Earth represent all visible things of this World. Jesus grafted the entire Creation through his Worldly Body and transformed it in to a Heavenly Body or Heaven.

This is the reason Jesus had to become Human and live the life of the Human and offer this life as a sacrifice to God the Father to transform it to Divine Body the Heaven.

A person who lives a life of this Earth is called Earthly and a Person who lives as per the Gospel Values or with Jesus is called Heavenly.   Thus, Heaven is life with Jesus or his Values. Anything other than Jesus and his values is Earth.



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