Love  & Satan:

John 3:16

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

God is love and all things opposite to love are Devil or Satan. The name Devil means one who throws himself across Gods plan and his work of salvation accomplished in Christ.

As per my reflection God wanted to make a new Heaven through the Humans and  the World which is called plan of Salvation before creating the Creation. But Devil and his companions opposed the idea of Creation and revolted against the God Almighty. Hence two third of the angels were thrown down in the darkness without life or light.

So the division of Satan was due to opposition to the plan of Salvation and Creation. God made Humans to counter with the Evil forces so that he can defeat these forces by creating them in his own image.  Since Man was Created in Divine Human Nature and Devil and his angels were pure Spirit , Humans were tricked by Evil  by targeting their Human Nature.

The fall of Man delayed the Salvation Plan but salvation plan was not designed only to save Humans from their fallen nature of Sin but to transform them in to Divine Pure Spirits just like Angels and God himself. If Human was not fallen in to Sin , still the plan of Salvation was necessary to transform the Visible Nature of Creation in to Invisivisible Nature of God. Jesus came in to this World not only to save humans from perishing but to create New Heaven & New Earth in himself.

God could have prevented the Humans from falling in to Sin but he respected the Humans with their dignity and Will and loved them with full confidence just like Father trusts their Children. Also God was teaching them to refrain from Evil so that they can  mature in Godliness.

The Evil can be encountered with the Authority and Power of God. The Authority of Jesus gives us power to dispel the darkness. The the love of God eradicates the Devil and his powers forever. So the spiritual battle must be fought with the weapon of Love. If we take this offensive Weapon against  Spirit of unforgivenes , anger, hatred and all the Vices of the Evil, we become Victorious  through the Power of the Holy spirit.

Devil and all the fallen Angels are a Creation and in full control of the Authority of God. They are subject to God in all their activities. Devil cannot bring Calamity or sickness by himself to any Creation but he can mislead or tempt the Human Beings. The ultimate decision to agree or dis agree lies with every human because every human has been created in his free will and dignity. When man disobeys God , the absence of God’s grace makes human vulnerable and Weak , we call this as Human suffering.

The sufferings in our life do not come from God or from Devil but by our own will. The Calamities and Famines are part of our Communal Sins which include our ancestors Sins. When we invite Evil values or Worldly Values in our lives , these very value rule over us and destroy us so we need not blame God or Devil for the same. Devils nature is destruction, if we knowingly invite the Devil in our life, he will plunder and kill us not by his will but by our own will. The Devil also has to respect our Will because this boundary was put by God when he created them in free will and he cannot cross this boundary set by God.

Holy Sufferings are Sufferings of Salvation which are part of God’s Salvation plan. When God sees the maturity of Human and his capability of controlling the Evil, Flesh and World , he appoints him to build the plan of Salvation. The sign of Salvific Suffering is Peace and Joy and unshakable faith in Jesus  despite  of deep human suffering of povery, persecution and humiliation and even death.







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