Miracles of Jesus and the Purpose:

Miracles are the confirmation that Jesus is the Promised Messiah, the anointed one who was suppose to come in to this Earth. The purpose of miracles is to confirm the Word of God as true and from God. The miracles are basically performed to increase and confirm the faith who do not know God or whose faith has been shaken or lost. Miracles always accompanied with the proclamation of the Kingdom of God or Evangelization. Miracles are the trailer of the movie of the Kingdom of God. They are the samples of the unfinished product. It is also a foretaste to the Kingdom of God. These very miracles are performed to drive a Soul to the Salvation of God or bring back the lost Soul in to the Kingdom of God.

How does a miracle happen? Hydrogen and Oxygen create a new substance called Water. In the same way when human faith meets with God , a powerful union of Divine Human happens in this relationship and a new Baby takes birth of Divine Human love which is called a miracle.The miracle is a supernatural Evidence of God’s love to his people.A Miracle is also a Vindication of God to his people. A miracle is a answer or response to the prayer of the faithful. If we grow in faith and see our life in microscopic look , we see every thing in our life is a miracle because our entire life is a miracle of God. The entire Creation is a miracle.

Miracles do not fall from heaven but these very miracles exist from the beginning of the Creation. We do not see them in our human eyes but when we see them in the eyes of faith, we can see them. For example in darkness or in the night we can not see the objects but it does not mean that the objects are not there. If we see these object through a torch we see them as they are in its full shape.When we see things of our life in God’s Eyes or positive way or by truth or by trusting the Word of God , we see things beyond our human understanding. All miracles or goodness exist because God made all things in a perfect manner , from before the foundation of the Earth and need not to create something new because they are always there, only human can not see them due to the selfishness of this World.

A Divine person who walks in faith sees all things good and believes in the goodness of God who created these things as good. It does not matter how the World looks at these things and interprets in a different meaning or to a lie or as ugly but the people of God must believe that all things of this World were good,and these goods were not made by China or UK or India but made by God in all his Wisdom and love, a free gift to the Humanity.

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