Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.“( Mat:4:19)

Apostles are the special people chosen to fullfill the plan of Salvation. These twelve Apostles represent the twelve tribes of Israel. Jesus renews the chosen generation of Israel in to a new generation of the New Testament. The New generation starts with the twelve Apostles and further followers of Jesus. In the old testament the chosen people were born from the flesh but in the new testament people were born from the Spirit of God. Thousands of people followed Jesus to listen to him and many of them teansformed through his teachings and believed in him as a Promised Savour of the World . These people were from all caste, Religion, language, Country, Sex and classes. Jesus removes the barrier of only Chosen people to every body can be saved …So the people without any distinction followed Jesus. God’s Kingdom is not a guarentee to people who take birth among the Desciples of Jesus but only to those by will and faith accept him as their Lord & Master.

Apostles are the elders in the family of Jesus. They have been given Authority by Jesus to descern, deposit & govern the Kingdom of God to the end of the World. Apostles are not fallen from Heaven but anointed through the authority of Jesus to fullfill a special purpose to construct and govern the Kingdom of God on this Earth. Apostles like Peter have fallen before and after, they have been commissioned by Jesus , so even the Successors of Apostles can fall in to the Human Weakness. But everytime the Apostles have fallen , they have risen back through repentence and by the support of the Community of People. The People of God have been anointed through the fresh outpouring of the Holyspirit like Paul and renewed the Church in great Wealth and understanding not through passed on tradition but through fresh inspiration of the Holyspirit.

Descipleship of Jesus has a cost, only a person who renounce the earthly possessions and accept the realities of life from the hands of God can be a desciple of Jesus. There is no other way around but is the only way. When we say renouncing the World not in a physical way but spiritualy. We are very much present doing our normal routines of work but our desires and goals of life are not of this World but of the Kingdom of God. A desciple of Jesus puts his Worldly, fleshly, evil desires to Jesus and overcomes these very desires through the Sacrament of grace.For Example a man or woman lust with each other, it is an evil but the same man or Woman bind in the name of the Father, Son and the Holyspirit , it is a Holy Sacrament of Matrimony. Church has selected seven Sacraments to live a life of Holyness but we can turn every activity of our life how evil it may be in to a holy activity by the grace of the Holyspirit. We can put this way “Whatever God touches becomes Holy”

Catholic Church has a beautiful understanding of the Sacraments and transformed great tragedies or Wars or Countries or Kings or Cultures or Societies in to the Kingdom of God through the love of God. In this way we can transform our families in to Holy Family or our Work places in to God’s Business. The main requirement to make it happen is to hand over the situation to God and imitate him in the action. There is no miracle but we ourselves change in to the image of God and transform the entire situation or people in to the image of God’s Kingdom. This is an ultimate understanding of the Descipleship of Jesus and only through this funda of transfirmation we can change this Whole World in to the Kingdom of God.

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