Jesus 33 -Advent Encounter Retreat Day-21- Parables of Jesus

Parables of Jesus:
This is why I speak to them in parables: “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand. Mathew 13:13

Mysteries of the Kingdom of God are hidden in the understanding of the Parables. Jesus invites his followers through an invitation called Parables .If anyone receives this invitation and prepares himself for the Kingdom of God and enters it by acting upon them through his understanding reaches the Kingdom of God, but the People who do not understand the invitation or undermine the value of the invitation, or takes the invitation for granted or redicules the invitation remain outside the Kingdom of God. For these category of People , the Kingdom of God remains a mystery in their entire life and never able to understand the Words of God or the Parables.

Parables are the mirrors of the Kingdom of God . These very Parables reveal the actions of man who require Salvation. They give the human an indication of their image to the image of God. Thus the choice remains with the Man to accept or reject. A wise man accepts the hidden mystery of the Parable and tries to solve by living the Parable in action and enters the Kingdom of God. But the one who takes it as mystery and does not do any effort to solve this mystery of God through adventurous lived life remains outside the Kingdom of God. For the obedient desciples the mysteries of the Kingdom of God are revealed but the foolish People only Word to Word translation of the Word of God and feel good Scripture hearing Christians the mysteries remain forever a mystery and never be able to enter the Kingdom of God.

In Jesus time also there were many people of this Kind who were out standing Christians to whom Jesus says:though they see , they can not see and hear but can not hear and understand. Jesus knew these kind of people and though they followed him , but Jesus did not trust them because their heart was not withJesus Words but they were seeking Jesus for their selfishness like food, Shelter, Wealth , name and fame. This is the main reason Jesus speaks to these people indirectly in Parables so that he can understand their obedience because all those who wanted to understand more about the meaning of the Parables and act on it, came to Jesus seperately and wanted to know the meaning by following him in action. Jesus explains the real meaning of the Parables only to those people who were serious in following him and appoints them in his mission.

The Baptism and Sacraments must make a person to Witness Jesus in a greater meaning of Witnessing Jesus by living the Words of God and spreading the Word of God and by doing this ,a faithful unites to the mystical Body of Jesus the Church.

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