Jesus 33 Advent Encounter Retreat- Day -22- Authority of Jesus

Authirity of Jesus:

Jesus spoke and lived his life in Authority. Though Jesus lived like human but his life was full of Authority which was there from the Beginning of the Creation. Jesus Authority was of the Creator of Heaven and Earth. For a while he was born as a Human but his Authority was from above because Jesus was not made or born of Human flesh but begotten who was born from above. The Authority of Jesus is of Heaven or Divine. This is the reason when he was twelve years old he delights in the house of his Father but then realises his mission of Salvation and lives according to his human Parents Joseph and Mary in obedience. If we see Jesus teachings , temptations, debates,Healings, Miracles , sufferings were full of Divine Authority. Jesus fullfilled the human role by becoming a Complete and perfect Man but exercised his Divine Authority. This is the reason the Scribes and Pharisees could not confront him but were amazed at the teaching with Authority and Conviction. Though Jesus had dual personality , he had to go through the human rule of complete obedience to the Father. Jesus had to live just like any other Man , by doing his day today Work and the challenges of the Worldly life but he did lose his Divine Authority by disobeying God’s Will.

All Humans were created and given the same Authority of Jesus from the beginning of the Creation but Man lost the Authority by disobeying God. The Divine Authirity was not taken away from Humans but human’s guilt of SIN made man bury the Authirity of Jesus and believed the lies of this World. Human lost the sense of his Authority and started living in fear , disobedience, falsehood, materialism and unknown race of Woldly acheivement.

Jesus shares his Authority with his Desciples . Jesus gives his Divine Authirity to his followers. The simple illeterate Desciples started healing, driving demons and preaching in the name or in the Authority of Jesus. The timid, fearful, disobedient, Sinful, doubting, desciples of Jesus were filled with Divine Authority of Jesus on the Day of Pentecost.

From the day of Pentecost, Jesus gave his Divine life the Holyspirit to his Desciples and all the Desciples did not live a Worldly life but went to end of the Earth with Authority and power preaching the Word of God. The Desciples teachings were accomponied by Signs and Wonders. Jesus gave his Authirity to all his followers, so a Christian has dual personality, one as rational Animal and second one as a Divine being. All followers of Jesus receive the Authority of Jesus when they are born again from above or Baptised with the Holyspirit or transformed in Christ ,but a Christian lives a life of an animal on this Earth, living a Worldly life and forgets his Authority on the Creation, on himself , and on Evil. Man becomes the slave to the World, flesh and Evil. We must use Jesus Divine Authority in our day today life.We must walk like Jesus and talk his Words of Authority. We must heal, deliver, intercede , make miracles like Jesus because Jesus has passed his Divine Authirity to his Followers the people of God. When some things happen Evil in the Society, Nations or in our families we must take the Authirity of Jesus in Human Obedience to the rules and regulations of the Natural Human Law. Jesus did not break the Law of Roman Empire or Jewish Law but enhanced or gave a new meaning to the Law of the old . Jewish people till today have not accepted this fact. All Christians must use this strategy of Divine Human obedience and Conquer the World with the Authority given by Jesus and build the Kingdom of God.

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