As per the plan of Salvation , which was designed before the foundation of the World, God had made a provision to Mankind to transform the human race in to divine race by sending his own Son Jesus Christ as human being but his Passion and death on the Cross was not according to his plan because no Father will permit his own family to suffer for nothing in return because God’s plan for Human was not death but eternal life.

Man loses his eternal life through disobedience to God and the eternal Soul was lost in the darkness of Sin. The result of Sin is absence of God and the absence of God’s light is the death of the Soul. Soul can live only with the grace of God . Just like a fish can not live without Water, a human soul can not live without the grace of the Spirit of God. As per my reflections God’s unconditional love to his creation made the man to be disobedient because God made them through free will or gave them freedom as his own children. The death of human was not the plan of God and the death of his Son was not the plan of God. But due to the Human Weakness and Devil’s Temptation and tricks, Man disobeys God and completely gets cut off from GOD’S grace by worshiping Idols and Devil.

Man was made through the Word of God who was Jesus himself .The Word of God travels with the Human at every stage of their life and guides them according to the circumstances of life. Jesus was like a SATNAV or Navigator in which the origin and destination are already entered and through the Satelite the Navigator gives Map to reach the destination but the follower of the Map misses his Exit or gets confused with the Map due to the circumstances of his travel and catches a wrong route, the Navigator reroutes the destination through a different way but with the same destination. In the same way when human fell short of God’s ways , Jesus Navigator rerouted their ways through all means of Prophets, Kings , Ten Commandments , Passover but the more Jesus showed different routes through Law and Prophets , people got confused more on the routes. Finaly God gives a short cut to the Destination. Jesus Suffering and death on the Cross is ultimate rerouting of the people to the Plan of Salvation. Human Sins from the beginning of the Creation till the last day made Jesus to suffer and die on the Cross. Human death could have componsated only with a fitting exchange of which is a eternal and ultimate Sacrifice which neither Angels or Devil knew about this secret route of humiliation of Passion and death on the Cross. Mother Mary & John the Baptist were the two witnesses who understood and indicated Jesus’s death on the Cross . Isiah had Prophesied about Royal Road of Cross about 800 years before Christ, of a Suffering Servant. God had master minded the Death of his own Son on the Cross for the firgiveness of Human Sins and destroy spiritual death and avail the lost grace of God to human souls so that they may once again live in the presence of God. Pentecost to Jesus’s second coming is the destination of the Salvation Plan and end of the work of the Salvation on this Earth. After that there is no tests but only the Judgement .

So Jesus Passion and death on the Cross is a action of ultimate love from God the Father, and free will to obey God’s Will by Jesus for the unconditional love to the Mankind.

Jesus lives in every Baptised Human Soul through the Holyspirit , when a Christian Sins again and again he crucifies Christ in his heart again and again. So it is wrong to say that Pharisees and Scribes or Judas or Pilate Crucifued Jesus but every Sin of human from the beginning of the Creation till the end of the ages has crucified Jesus on the Cross.

As per my reflection Jesus is still suffering due to our repeated Sins because in the plan of Salvation there is no time and all things happen in a single View and Jesus cries in pain on the Cross and all humans from the beginning of the Creation till the end of Age , cry loudly Crucify him..Crucify him..Every time we Sin , the Sin cries to Crucify and mocks Jesus who is in our heart and among our brothers and Sisters the Church. It is our free choice and freedom to decide to Crucufy Jesus by betraying him for Evil or embrace him and make him the Lord of our life by renouncing evil by the grace of the Holyspirit.

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