Investing the Time and Talents in God’s Business.

John 6:27
Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.”

In today’s materialistic World ,If we encourage a person about doing God’s Business or God’s Work , he or she may concider us to be Weak or out dated Idea or even superstitious.

What is God’s Business? God’s Business is Construction of the Kingdom of God on this Earth. The Earthly Construction Work require mainly Labourers & Finances . The Heavenly Construction also require Labourers and Talents. The structure of God’s Kingdom on Earth based on Faith, Love and Hope. The foundation has already laid upon this Earth by Jesus and his Apostles. Jesus himself is the first Foundation stone to begin this Work of the Building of the Kingdom of God. The saints and the Church has already started building the Walls but still the Construction Work is half way because it is lacking the labourers , finances and the Raw material like Cement, Bricks, Iron, Wood, Tiles so on. Where are the Labourers gone and What happened to the Resources and finances. The labourers are busy building their own houses . When one house is built , they want to extend and modify in to a better house and a second house and the journey of building better houses goes on and on and the Construction of Gods Kingdom left behind.

There is a great need to invest our time and talent in Construction of God’s Kingdom on this Earth. God’s Kingdom is built in faith in Jesus and through ministries of reaching out God’s love with one profound hope, that he is there with us to provide , protect and bless us and make the work of our hands Prosper , grow in numbers and strength.

The families are the main Banks to invest our time and talent. Families are created to Build the Kingdom of God. Families were not created to form a better place to live on this Earth. Every Family member is a brick, tile, cement, Wood so on to Build the Kingdom. The purpose of the Vocation of a family is to pass on or promote God’s love. God’s love can be obtained by one faith in Jesus. Hope in God’s Prividence keeps us away from Worldly Worries and our selfish goals on this Earth.

Investing our time and talents in God’s Business has Hundred fold return and guarentees Eternal life.

If we invest our time and Energy in the Worldly Business , at the time of trials and tests of our relationship with God and each other, these very Worldly built houses and family relationships collapse. We see increase in Divorce rate , abortions ,Care homes, sicknesses , loose behaviour is the result of the time and talent invested building our materialistic World.

John 6:27 says, Do not work for food spoils, the Greek meaning for Spoil is “Distroy Completely” . If we work for Worldly Prosperity, it is like Working to buy Poison which distroys our Soul and Body and commit Suicide . Let us work to build a family of God’s love and not Human love. Human love is selfish and always expects in return.

Many people have a misunderstandings on God’s Work. God’s Work is Works of God’s love. God’s love can be experienced in faith in Jesus and Jesus puts seal of the Holyspirit and equips us with all the material which we require to build the House of God. We need to do only one thing , to hope that he works out all things for our Good and guarentees of the Promises and Eternal life.

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