Intercession is a gift of Faith. , faith is the trusting relationship with Jesus. When a person is connected with Jesus in one to one relationship, a unique mutual trust builds up between God and Man. This is the biginning of faith. Faith develops God’s love the Holyspirit in Human Heart. Holyspirit puts a burden or will of God in human spirit and this activity is the first step of Intercession.

The signs of God’s Will or Burdens are manifested in divine qualities like pity, Compassion, Mercy, urging love and charity. When we feel sorry for another human, it is a sign of the Burden or Will of God manifested in our life. At this particular moment, if we exercise our faith or our trusting relationship with God in a prayer request , it is called simultaneous Intercession.

To increase our faith in our Intercession we can pick an incident in the Scriptures and relate our prayer request with God’s incident and our prayer turns in to the prayer of God. Eucharist is the centre and extreme level of Intercession. When we offer our requests in to bread and Wine , at the Consecration Jesus turns them in his own body and Blood by sacrificing his life to the cause of the intercession.

Praise and Worship is third method of Intercession.When we praise and thank God and acknowledge our weaknesses, we come to the presence of God in Worship and enter in to the Holy of Holies. At this time we face God one to one in Spirit and the Lord of Heaven and Earth speaks to us in Spirit through his Burdens or the Will of his Spirit. The Will of God is always of the completion or implementation of God’s Salvation Plan on this Earth. This ministry is Intercessory Ministry. Jesus is the Chief intercessor who is interceding by speaking or putting burden or will to all who have accepted him and his plan of Salvation. So Intercession is Heavenly or only for those already saved from Sin and death and living in the Kingdom of God on this Earth.

We see some people pray and immediately God listens to them , these are the one whom God has put his seal of the Holyspirit . Holyspirit is God himself. When a person fully in union with the Holyspirit, the Holyspirit liviñg in his heart , cries out to God on behalf of other human who require Salvation.This intercession is made in Heaven and there is so much purity and sanctity and truthfulness in this intercession, it is beyond human understanding to understand in ears or see in human eyes or reason out in human mind.

Prophesies is another form of Intercession which reveals the Salvation plan of the future generation. Prophesy is also an action of the Holyspirit declaring and confirming the Salvation plan of the future.

An Intercessor lives a life of Beatitudes and offers these lived Beatitudes to the Master Jesus. To live the Beatitudes, the intercessor must go through a journey of self denial, humiliation, poverty , persecuton and even physical death. Sometimes the intercessor unknowingly goes through these trials of life because there is no other way to reach Eternal life than from the Beatitudes of Jesus.

Intercession is most important ministry than all the other ministries or works of Charity. If our Works are not blessed by Jesus through his aporoval , all our ministries or works of charity , even EVANGELISATION remain mere Worldly ministries and will not help to complete the plan of Salvation which Jesus already accomplished through his death, resurection , ascention and intercession by seated at right side of the Father’s Heart. The Anointment comes through Intercession. All the Works of God and all our life activities must begin with a prayer of Intercession to Jesus, Jesus offers these prayers to Father and Showers his love Holyspirit and anoints and transforms these activities in to a Blessing to the whole World. Thus these ministries transform in to the Body and blood of Jesus the Church.

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