Rosary is repeatation of Scriptures with the mysteries of the Kingdom of God , putting Mary at the centre of this devotion. The meaning of Rosary is Garland of Roses. In the Rosay we meditate the Lord’s Prayer, I believe the Nicene Creed, the greetings of Angel Gabriel Hail Mary , Litany of our Lady Loreto, Fatima Prayer and Salve Regina Hail Holy Queen.

There are four type of mysteries of the Kingdom of God, Sorrowful, Joyful, Glorious and Luminous mysteries.

In the Salvation plan Mother Mary plays a role in the incarnation of Jesus on this Earth. Mary has a story of her Son Jesus to tell to the Mankind which the Gospel writers captured in various parts of Jesus life. Rosary to be listened with the Words of Mary about her Son Jesus which she pondered in her heart. As we recite the Hail Mary’s we invoke Mary in the Salvation Story to reveal the mysteries of the life of Jesus and the plan of Salvation. We can say we see Jesus in the Eyes of Mary.

When Mary reveals the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, the mysteries no more remain mysteries because we reveive the revelation through Mary.Mother Mary’s interpretations are so important because she is the only individual who can reveal Jesus as a whole to the Mankind. Mary becomes the eyes of the Gospel.These devotions are basicaly developed by Dominicans . St.Dominic received the revelations through Mary the Mysteries of the Gospel of Mary the Rosary. This Gospel is not merely in Words or texts but a conteplative and meditative experience. Thus Rosary becomes a prayer of intercession to build the Kingdom of God. People have gone to Heaven only by reciting the Rosaries.

For Many poor and innocent people , the Word of God or even Eucharist devotions were beyond their understanding ,and at this time Mary reveals the reflections of those Gospel mysteries in simplified form of human traditional beads of counting by repeatation and reflection of the Word of God.

God looks at the faith of People in Son Jesus, if this expression is manifested in any form or ritual or education , the avenues are only the signs but the content is behind the symbols and signs which is faith and love of Jesus.

Rosary is a powerful weapon of the people who are poor in Spirit and this simple faith lives in simple families in their family prayer. Catholics do not begin any Work without Reflecting the Rosary.

The educated or theoligeans or Priests must humble down to reflect Rosary to understand the deeper meaning of the Word of God, which only Mother Mary can reveal to thise reflect the Rosary.

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