Am I Saved?

Romans 10:8-10

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.

We are born in Sin and we grow in the power of Sin . We are not taught or educated by someone to say a lie or steal something dear to us. As we grow in our body and intellect our power of SIN also grows in us. When we were children we did small Sins but as we grow ,our Sins are alsi greater. Where did all Evil come from and who are responsible for our sinful nature.We want to be good but there is a force with in us forcing us to do Bad. If we see in thr History many intellectuals tried to overcome SIN through their self will and disciplinery life but the question is, have they conquered Sin from the root. SIN is like Weeds , the more we uproot , more it emerged from nowhere. When we use Weed Killer , the old Weeds die but a new Weed start growing to which the Weed killer has not invented anti dote.This cycle goes on and on and no one has the solution. The power of Evil is in our blood which has been inherited by us from our Ancestors.Man can not uproot the power of SIN .If we try to control one Sin , we fall in to another SIN and it is never ending battle to erase Sin from our lives. We are not responsible for this sinful nature , therefore we need not to feel guilty about our sinful nature. What is the solution, the solution comes from God, the promise of Jesus Christ.The name Jesus itself explains , the one who saves, and Christ means the anointed one.When we put our trust in Jesus , he saves us from SIN and anoints us with the Holyspirit.
Jesus Christ is the Antidote for the nature of Sin. How we inherited the Sinful nature in our blood, in the same way Jesus Christ takes away our Sinfull nature through his death on the Cross. By his resurection Jesus gives us new life by anointing us through the Holyspirit. This act of Salvation is free to those believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and died for our Sins and rose from the dead to give us new life in the Holyspirit. This is the Central Message of the Gospel and every individual in this World has to receive this message before doing anything in their life.

We do many thing in our life but if SIN reigns in our life, all the things what we have acheived in our life is a big waste. The bigger the Works or Dreams or Visions with Sinful nature, the bigger the Waste Box. Many things in this World may look good to us but if we reflect the very purpose of these very good things are Sinful or selfish in nature. A person who has been born of the Spirit and truth or Saved from the power of Sin can only distinguish the difference between good and bad.

The Salvation is not complicated but more easier and simpler than the inherited nature of SIN. When we believe in Jesus and live for him, the Spirit of Jesus enables us to live a life in the Spirit. The Holyspirit is the Counter Nature for Sin.If we do not sense or prompting of the Holyspirit in our life, it is very difficult to counter Sin in our life.

Jesus is the Alpha and Omega and taken all the Sins from the biginning to the end on himself and died for the Whole World, so there is no Sin of us , how much tiny or great it may look like, the Sin is already nullified or deactivated through the death and resurection of Jesus. If we believe this fact and make Jesus our Lord and Master, we are out of the power of SIN and we are saved from the power of Death. In this stage people love and forgive, physical and Worldly acheivements do not value but looks like a junk of Garbage. The richest people of the World look like garbage gatherers and the people who are poor in spirit and humble esteemed as of high profile.

Many Worldly Gurus tried to abolish Sin through their own understanding of many Religions or better ways of life but no one was able to distroy or uproot the Sin from it’s roots. They uprooted from one generation but SIN continued with their next generation. Jesus was successful because he was the only Answer written in the Book of Salvation from before the foundation of Earth.

In this Earth , there is only one thing a human has to do is to believe in Jesus in his Heart and confess in his mouth that he has died fir our Sins and rose again to give us new life. This is the only purpose Human Being has been born on this Earth, rest of the things gives meaning only if we are saved from Sin and Satan. This is the reason spreading of Gospel by those who have been saved is paramount importance than building our own families or homes. The first and foremost Vocation of every person is to save himself from SIN by making Jesus their personal Saviour and second most is spreading the goodnews of Salvation to our family,freinds, Neighbours and the whole World. But the question remains for our personal reflection AM I SAVED…

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